Yoru Cafe Tokidoki Garcon no Susume


Company: Luv Records
Based on: Manga
Released: 2006.09.24
Official Site: http://www.luv-records.jp/title/yorucafe/

Yoru Cafe is ased on the manga of the same name, however this drama CD is an original story that takes place 3 years after the events of the manga. 'Queen's Cafe' is a cafe that is only open at night. the owner, Hina, and the three waiters Sawatari Soushi, Yukimura Yoshisumi, and Nanjou Nozomu run the cafe with the four of them.

By the time of this story Hina (CV: Saitou Yuka) and Soushi (CV: Maeno Tomoaki) have already married. Yukimura (CV: Ono Daisuke) has become a successful writer,  and Nozomu (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya) works as a civil servant. Queen's Cafe was closed, but they are re-opening it for one night.

The story begins with Hina trying to get Soushi to bake the cakes for the cafe with her, he doesn't want to at first but agrees to help her. Unfortunately Hina drinks a bit too much alcohol while baking and falls asleep drunk (she has a bit of a bad habit with alcohol) and Soushi ends up staying up all night to finish the cakes on his own.

The next day the four of them meet to set up the cafe, but it turns out that the place they rented for this is more of a bar than a cafe. The bar is still stocked with every possible type of alcohol, and so when the customers come many of them order alcohol and no-one orders any cake. This depresses Hina and she starts to drink, causing her to near sexually assault Nozomu and Yukimura when they come to check up one her...

This is a sweet story, and although I find Hina slightly annoying she is hilarious when she gets drunk. However, I have never read the manga, which makes me feel like I am missing out on a lot of background information here. The story is perfectly clear, but I imagine there must have been a lot going on before Hina and Soushi finally married and things like that.

I find the freetalk mildly amusing. Mostly because only the male seiyuu get to say something while Saito-san seems to be completely absent. It is perfectly clear what the selling point of this CD was, haha.

I think this CD is mostly interesting for those who know the manga. It is ok, but a bit generic on it's own, so if you don't know the manga your time is probably better spent listening to something else.


  1. Hi! I'm contemplating on purchasing it, but since it's never been converted into even a short anime, I know I won't get that familiar feeling when listening to it. Do you think it's worth purchasing?

    1. That depends on how much you like the manga I guess. I felt like I missed a bit too much because I don't know the entire manga. But if you do know -and like- it, I'd say this is worth purchasing.