KIKKA Mystery Reviews

A friend of mine recently reviewed two drama CD's by Momo & Grapes / Kikka, and I thought it might be interesting to post a link to them.

Swiss Dokei no Nazo
46 Banme no Misshitsu

Keep in mind that these are reviews done by a fan of detective fiction, as opposed to my drama CD addicted self. So these are reviews done from an entirely different angle. But personally I liked reading them, so I thought I would share (^-^)


  1. Thanks for the plug! :3

    (Wu..wait. 31 posts in November?! and 6 posts in December, even though it's only the fourth?)

  2. Sorry, should have mentioned it to you (^-^;;)

    And I had October to prepare for November, but most importantly, drama CDs are a lot shorter that detective novels ;)