Karekoe ~Dousei-chuu no Kare~

カレコエ ~同棲中の彼~

Company: Fluffy Bunny
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.06.10
Translation: Sweet Translations

Karekoe is a CD where your boyfriend gives you a phone call, so the entire CD is essentially one phone call. This first CD has Ono Daisuke as your boyfriend. You've been living together for 3months now, and he is just on his way home from the train station.

He calls you when he arrives at the station, and visits a conbini and book store while on the way home while he talks with you. It's mostly just like you imagine a conversation like that to be (now-here-doing-this kind of conversation) but towards the end he turns a bit more serious, about how there are things you don't say any more when you live together. About 5seconds before he arrives the battery dies though xD

Like I said, most of the conversation is pretty normal and seems natural to me. Of course there are some cute moments, like how he notices there is a new flavour of the chocolate you always eat and buys it for you, or promises to give up smoking for you. I personally loved the moment where he drops the phone while in the book store, because you ask him to buy a wedding magazine for you.

The serious bit near the end was less to my liking, but that is mostly because I think that it is going to be reaaalllly awkward if you get home within minutes of having a conversation like that on the phone.

There are two versions on the CD: a mobile version, where it really sounds as if he is on the phone, and a normal version, where there is also bgm instead of only background noise. Finally there is also a short track called 'private time' in which you talk a bit while already in bed. The two different versions give a slightly different feel, you can really tell what the effect of the bgm is, which in kind of interesting.

Considering that this CD uses the exact same recording twice, it is pretty short (15min x2). It is very cute though, and really does sort of feel like someone is talking to you through the phone (I've made enough calls just like this to now what it sounds like xD except that, I didn't have the dokidoki sweet confessions at the end). And OnoD is acting like the ideal boyfriend as always, so if you want a phone call from mister perfect this is your chance ;)

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