Oujisama (warai) Yomikatari CD Vol.1

王子様(笑)シリーズ 読み語りCD ~君に捧ぐ物語~ 第1集

Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Fairy tales
Released: 2010.09.08
Official Site: http://www.fwinc.co.jp/princewww/

The original 2 entries to the Oujisama (warai) series told re-imagined version of a few well known fairytales. The yomikatari CDs are a sort of spin-off CDs in which the princes from the main series read their own fairytale to you, but not without making side remarks.

Just to be clear, I use the names 'Cinderella' 'Snow White' and 'Rapunzel' for each of the princes just like in the CD.

This first CD has the princes from the first CD in the main series reading their own story, while the other two make comments. Just to refresh your memory, the first CD featured Cinderella (CV: Suzumura Kenichi), Snow White (CV: Nakai Kazuya) and Rapunzel (CV: Ishida Akira).

They've kept the exact same order as before, meaning Cinderella is first in line. And he tries to simplify things with "A long time ago there was a girl named Cinderella, and then some bad stepsisters, some magic, and glass shoes and a lot of other stuff happened and she married the prince" xD Unfortunately for him Snow White forces him to properly read the story, so he reluctantly does so.

Next is Snow White, who reads his story. As things progresses the others keep making comments about the princess being a monster, which Snow White keep ignoring. In the end he himself can't finish the end of the story because he is reminded of a certain event though xD (the end of the story referring to the second half of the story, the original story doesn't end when the prince and princess marry).

Rapunzel is last, and by that time Cinderella and Snow White have started on drinks and snacks because they are relieved now their own turn has ended. Despite that Rapunzel actually does a pretty good job at reading the story. The most brilliant thing is how Cinderella and Snow White seem to be surprised at the lack of magic in the story xD

Even though they are 'supposed' to be reading the original story, the constant remarks makes this a lot of fun to listen to again. They are also constantly breaking down the fourth wall again, like how they are commenting on the previous CDs in the beginning and make references to the 3rd volume (which wasn't released yet at that point). The entire CD is pretty short, just under 30min in fact, but I don't think that it should have been much longer, this was just good.

Nakai-san his cast comment is pretty hilarious. He is always doing his recordings for the series alone, so in the middle of lamenting this and hoping that if the series continues long enough he'll get a chance to do the recording together with the rest he runs out of time and suddenly ends the comment xD

You need to have heard the first CD to enjoy this, otherwise the personalities of the three princes make no sense. Not to mention all of the references to the CD make no sense either. At under 30min this is nice snack material, and while not being nearly as funny as the main series it is still a good CD.

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