Danna Catalogue vol.01

旦那カタログ Vol.1 特集:強引な旦那様 VS 優しい旦那様

Company: Honey Bee
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.01.30
Official site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/master_with.html

Danna Catalogue is a series that lets you choose a husband and experience a few moments of married life. Each vol has two characters that are usually the opposite of each other personality wise. This first vol starts with a forceful, and a sweet husband.

The CD starts with both characters doing an introduction, afterwards Asaya Kouichi (CV: Ishida Akira) is the first to be your temporary husband. The first track is his proposal, which he does on your birthday. In Engrish. And then you don't understand him so he is forced to say it all over again in Japanese. Shame on you.

The next 14 tracks are all short scenes from your life together. Of course he acts like the perfect husband in each one. His character description states that he is a bit forceful, which is mostly bashfulness (but then afterwards he manages to say stuff that I would never be able to say without going red like a tomato).

The second half of the CD is devoted to Kanbe Hitoshi (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke), who is a sweet type. Incredibly sweet type. He looks at the world through a cotton candy pink cloud type of sweet. From the beginning to the end he talks to you in a polite manner, which feels a bit strange.

Like Kouichi, his first track is his proposal, and the tracks afterwards are short scenes again. Hitoshi did make me laugh a lot, but mostly because he is such an incredible goof ball. He is like a little puppy that you just can't help but to look after. He mentions that 'you had some lovers quarrels at times' but I don't believe it. With that personality of his it would be impossible to start a fight even if you were trying your absolute best.

It is funny to hear certain things return in both cases. But because they are both acting like the perfect husband the outcome is usually the same, but the conversation surrounding it is different due to their different personalities. I know that they are supposed to be ideal and everything, but if you are ideal in every aspect it becomes a bit scary instead. Giving them at least one fault would make them a bit more human.

Of course, comparing these two characters is unavoidable. Personally, I like Kouichi more. Hirakawa-san is one of my fav seiyuu, but even for his standards Hitoshi is just too sweet. Kouichi sounds like a lot more fun to be with to me.

If you feel like spending some sugar coated time with a perfect husband, this is the series for you. It is another perfect example of sugar spice and everything nice though (wait, maybe without the spice).

It did however, decide one thing after listening to this. When I get married, I want to do the 'goodbye have a nice day at work kiss on the cheek' thing at least once in my life. It is so cliché that I just have to.


  1. ps: I only realized this now but, the contrast with the last review is... stunning.

  2. oh wow. Danna Catalogue is like my first ever drama CD and my favourite even now. I'm glad you're listening to it ^^
    I love every bits of it maybe because I'm just a ronery girl who seeks attention haha xDD;
    It's cute and all and you won't find this kind of danna in real life (sad truth) D:

    Out of all of them, my favourite would be gentle (which is Hirakawa, I'm bias) XD and Cool danna (Midorikawa)

  3. クール旦那is the only one for me!O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪

    And Ishida-san's English was super funny o(>▽▽<)oキャハハ but Hirakawa-san's character was just a bit unrealistically sweet. 喧嘩してほしいっ!

  4. @Alyyn: Ronery girl hahaha xD
    Reading through this again I feel I might sound a very negative, while I had a lot of fun listening. There were so many moments that made me laugh!

    I love Hirakawa as well, but his character is just too sweet. I need a stronger husbando at my side xD

    @Amaya: Ishida-san his pronounciation was actually pretty ok (I understood what he said xD) but it sounded so unnatural xDD I love it.

  5. Thank you for your review! I enjoyed listening to this CD. :)

    I looooved Ishida's character. His attempt to give a wake-up kiss was so cute! The "have a nice day at work" kiss on the cheek was adorable too.

    I agree with you about Hirakawa's character -- WAY too sweet. While I was listening, I began to think of him more as my WIFE than my husband XD

  6. @Taichikun: Haha, well the fact that Hirarin goes "welcome home, what do you want? A bath, or dinner, or maybe...me?" made me laugh so hard. Especially because his co-workers tricked him into saying that.