Are you Alice? - How about a nice cup of tea

Are you Alice? - How about a nice cup of tea

Company: IM Label
Based on: Original
Official Site: http://imlabel.jp/alice/

In Are you Alice a male Alice wanders into wonderland and is subsequently involved in 'the game to kill the white rabbit'. Alice his story is told in three drama CDs - Drink me, Check Mate, and Call me- but there are several expansions to the story.

Alice seems to be hosting a tv show in which he tracks what the Hatter does during the day. Of course, the Hatter his time is standing still at 6pm so according to the Hatter it is always time for tea. To make things worse, he forgets whether he had eaten the shortcake in the fridge or not, and then blames Alice for eating it.

This basically is Alice tracking the Hatter his weird habits, and being nearly shot multiple times in the process. It really makes you wonder what kind of things Alice has to go through everyday... xD

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