Kannou Jikan 6: Kougyoku no Kanzashi to Shiryuu no Ma~

 感応時間6 ~紅玉の簪と紫龍の間~

Company: Hituzigumo
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.11.12
Official Site: http://hituzigumo.com/kannnou/

I keep forgetting that I already listened to this. Dear Hituzigumo, I have listened to every Kannou Jikan until now, please make it stop. This is torture and I'm dying of bloodloss because of nosebleeding.... For those not familiar with it, Kannou Jikan is probably the most perverse drama/situation CD series on the market there is. For now at least. I fear for the future.

Plotwise, the setting this time is that you are the mistress of 'a certain kanmi dokoro'. (a kanmidokoro is like a cafe for japanese sweets, this is also probably a shout out to the first CD in the series). You are getting married soon, and tonight one of your former pupils (CV: Hiyama Nobuyuki) is visiting you before that happens.

So far so good. And then it turns out you were teaching him more than the inns and outs of sweets. Knowing that had feelings for you, you apparently made out numerous times although you never loved him. And now that you are getting married he is determined to give you one last passionate night so that you will never forget him.

This summary is embarrassing to write.

So yeah. All pretence is gone here. He actually declares that he is going to 'leave his mark' on your body so that you won't forget him. Not to mention that it is explicitly stated that you already had a sexual relationship. Not that we were expecting anything less ever since the last few entries to the series.

Hiyama-san is voice is really sexy. He is clearly turned on more than you are right from the beginning. And the sounds that they use for hypnosis this time is really effective. It might be because I was listening to this in the middle of the night and was sleepy, but I lost all sense of time, feeling like I had been listening to this for ages when it ended. I don't know whether that is a good thing or not, but what was certain is that I felt more comfortable than last time. Although that might simply be that my senses have gone dull when it comes to this series.

The free-talk was kind of cute. Hiyama-san is obviously slightly uncomfortable with the contents, saying that it was 'rather embarrassing'. But his talk about how the Dummy Head Mic looks like 'an old geezer' but that after a while he came to see it as a partner is cute.

To me this is still one of the greatest "should not want" series there is. The perverted talk puts me off but it sounds. so. sexy it could make me faint. I will cling to my aversion for this series as my last hope for the fact that my mind isn't permanently in the gutter and that I am still a wholesome person. That said, if you liked the rest of the series you should probably listen to it.

Other than that, is this series rated R-18/Cero-Z/Adult only yet? If not, I wonder how you get all of this past the radar....


  1. I'm reading through the reviews for this series and I'm afraid I'm drowning in my own tears. How you feel about the CD and your sarcasm is just KILLING ME LOL. You are the most awesome person ever. Kudos to you, my friend!! *two thumbs up*

    ps. all the blessings to you and your blog <3