Mousou Esthe II


Company: 5pb
Based on: original
Released: 2010.12.22
Official Site: http://5pb.jp/moso

Mousou Este is a combination between a drama CD and virtual beauty treatments. You hear the staff of the fictional beauty salon 'Etreinte" talk among each other, and between that there are beauty treatments by one of the staff. The treatment tracks have been recorded with the dummy head microphone, so be prepared to hear them whisper into your ear.

This time the CD starts with Kagami Subaru (CV: Suwabe Junichi) as guest in a radio show, where he introduces his beauty salon. The hostess of the show seems very charmed by him. The next track is back at the salon, where Kagami, Maya Shinnosuke (CV: Taniyama Kisho) and Misaki (CV: Yusa Kouji) are talking about the radio show and... comparing their hands. But the way they keep talking about 'who has the largest' directed my mind in a whoooole other direction.

Back to the order of the day, it is time for Misaki his treatment. He gives you a face massage, although the wording, while describing exactly what he is doing, can still put your mind on other things. The same goes for Shinnosuke his treatment afterwards. Both their voices are so relaxing that my mind simply drifted off and their voices just floated around me, while I completely forgot that they were actually saying something.

In the next scene Odagiri Eito (CV: Terashima Takuma) is worried because this will be the first time to actually give a treatment to a customer. The rest somewhat tries to comfort and tease him at the same time. His treatment is a footmassage, but he talks a bit too much for my tastes (can't help it, he is nervous after all). His comment that this 'is the first time for both of you' made me laugh though. However I remained giggly for the rest of the CD, so whether that is actually a good thing. Anyway, he is a really pure and cute character.

After Eito is finished the rest also enters the room to give you a special treatment. I find it hard to imagine 4 estheticians working at the same time, but their various voices together are highly lethal for sure.

I have to say, this series has a way with words. While they really are just talking about the treatments my mind is definitely thinking of entirely different things. That aside, I fell asleep multiple times while trying to listen to this CD, especially during the first half.

The characters are less quirky than in the first CD, except for the parakeet Noel (CV: Hatano Wataru) who returns in this instalment as well. This made the day to day conversations of the staff a little less interesting, but at the same time they are less noisy than last time, avoiding the 'wake-up call' issue.

The focus definitely shifted a bit more from relaxation to adding a little ero in here, but they did it in a good way and if you don't want to hear it you can simply ignore it. Above all else it is still very relaxing to listen to. My only problem was that I'm not very knowledgeable about how various parts of your body are called, so at times I wasn't quite sure what they were doing to me exactly (yes yes, you're massaging my head, but how exactly... xD)

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