One Year Already

Granted, I've been on a one-and-a-half month Hiatus, but this blog has been around for over a year already!

The first review was actually posted on the 20th of August 2010. The way I did my reviews was pretty different at the time (I think?). Less structured an whatnot. The format has changed a little bit, like how I first posted the romanized title as post title, then switched to Japanese, and then switched back again because it made no sense to have Japanese blogpost titles when I'm reviewing for an English speaking audience (^-^;;)

At some point the weekly news post arrived, because posting all the news in sepparate posts simply flooded the blog. and I had to limit the tags on the right side of the page to just seiyuu names because the list would get endless if I didn't. Posts have been going from randomly timed, to almost daily, to random again, to (for now) daily again. And so on, and so forth.

One thing for which this is an interesting opportunity is analysing stats. Yes. You see, blogger has this nifty feature that keeps track of all kinds of things. Like how many people visit your blog and which posts are read most, and so on. And the results are.... interesting xD

1. Yandere Heaven ~Hospital Chapter~ (959 views)
2. Yandere Heaven ~High School Chapter~ (652 views)
3. Kannou Jikan ~Kanmi Dokoro~ (477 views)
4. Yandere Heaven ~Karei naru Sajou-kei Chapter~ (283 views)
5. Weekly News Post of 29 July (251 views)

That means Yandere Heaven is in the top 5 three times!! And, the news post in question also has news about Yandere Heaven. Coincidence? I think not. You bunch of twisted perverts!! xD

Oh, wait.I am the one reviewing all of this, so I'm the worst of all. Oops.
Haha, no but it makes me laugh. The top 3 has been the same for almost half a year now x'D as for the rest of the top 10, here it is:

6. Kuro to Kin no Akainai Kagi: Ikuto & Yukio
7. New Series: Shuukan Soine
8. Yandere Heaven ~Family Chapter~
9. Kannou Jikan 5
10. O.To.Na. Gentei Kanbyou CD Karte 3

And to think that I wanted to review more 'normal' drama's because I was afraid I was getting too carried away at times. I love you guys :')


  1. Congratulations on your first year (and more) of blogging/reviewing drama cds :D

    I just got into listening to drama cds months back, and I'm really glad I ran into your blog when I was searching for decent reviews on a drama cd. Now I'm constantly coming back for any updates/new releases :))

    And...Yandere Heaven, huh? I've heard about it, but I'm afraid to listen to it XP

  2. Yay, nice balance/stats you have there. Heh, I often redirected my friend to your short reviews on Yandere Heaven, since you are a good help to understand at least parts of those Drama CDs <3

    And hey, Yandere are super-interesting in fiction (not much in real-life, that's why I enjoy them in fiction xD) SO THAT'S AN ENCORAGEMENT FOR YOU TO CONTINUE REVIEWING DRAMA CDS WITH QUESTIONABLE CONTENTS AS IN YANDERE ACTION xDDDDD We are a tight bunch of dirty minds as it seems xD

  3. Congratulations on your first year! Looking forward to more reviews :DD

    I'm just starting to enjoy drama CDs and like you, I also prefer the general ones *not much a BL fan* I really enjoy your posts. Thanks a lot ^^

  4. もう一年ですか、早いですね:)

    Yay for Yandere Heaven being in the top 5! My friend enjoys yandere guys, and me too, as a nice twist XD

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone!♥

    @Annadiel: Haha, I can imagine you being scared to listen to them. One day you might just get interested enough, and if not, then at least you can say you were never interested is something as weird as yandere ;)


    @Xieloin: I'll do my best to keep posting *happily listens to more drama CD's*

    @Amaya: ありがとうございます。これからもよろしくお願いします♥

  6. Congratulations on one year! Your blog has served as a great guide for me, especially for "Are You Alice?" which I've just recently gotten into. Thank you for your wonderful, well organized reviews!

  7. my reaction when I saw Yandere Heaven > オォォーーー!! w(゚ロ゚;w(゚ロ゚)w;゚ロ゚)w オォォーーー!!
    I met fellow yandere fans x3;;

    btw, wow it's been a year huh o_o; Congratulations!
    I'm sorry to say, but there's something wrong with the stats.

    Almost all of them are verry verry pervert drama CDs XDD
    oh shot, I'm one of those x3

  8. @ Taichikun: Thank you :3

    @Alyyn: Hahaha, Yes I know. I first noticed that Yandere Heaven 2 had an insanely high number of views compared to other posts about half a year ago. And it only got worse ever since xD

    So yeah, apparently perverted drama CD's are what we all like, hahaha *is shot as well*. But to be honest I did sort of hope that a more normal CD would find it's way into the top 10, but too bad.

    Speaking of Yandere, I don't know whether you are going to see this reply or tomorrow's news post first, but I've found evidence of fifth Yandere Heaven CD!

  9. Haha xD
    Some of my friends label me as "crazy yandere fangirl" but I figure out, there's more people that love yandere heaven drama cd so I'm not alone x3
    Yandere Heaven 2 = because there's Hirakawa Daisuke ~♥

    It's kind of weird, but I didn't see Kannou Mukashibanashi for some reason. Isn't it suppose to be top 3 since the otoge will be release in 2012. o_O;

    Yandere Heaven 5 is about twins right? I LOOVE LOVEE THE CASTS! Sakurai and Wacchan~!! found it out from twitter xDD

    but of course I love your news more x3; can't wait for your NEWS!