Inoue Kazuhiko no Iyashi Kou ~Nemuri Hime~

井上和彦の癒し香 ~眠り姫~

Company: B-Box (?)
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.04.23

Inoue Kazuhiko no Iyashi Kou consist of two CDs,"nemuri made no koi jikan" and "nemuri hime". Both are designed to make you relax and softly put you to sleep. And I must say, that at least this one is  quite effective.

Nemurihime has two parts, a talking part and a song. For the talking part Inoue-san comes to pick you up in his car to take you on a drive. The background music is entirely done with the sound of deep sounding bells and crystal balls (that give a higher chime) and sometimes sounds like flowing water and is very relaxing. Together with Inoue-san his almost soothing voice it doesn't take long before you can relax and imagine the scenery.

What I find special about this CD is how relatively little text there is. The only text is when it is necessary and is spoken with a lot of emotion. The descriptions you get are just enough to make you form an image, but you are free to shape that to your imagination.

The song is pretty ok, a bit generic maybe, but after I drifted off while listening to the first track it actually woke me more than it made me fall asleep (^-^;;)

I find it perfect for relaxing, although I prefer to listen only to the talk part. This is best to listen to when you are already in bed or comfortable on the couch, because the danger of falling asleep, or at least drifting off, is definitely there.

Oh, and. It is Inoue Kazuhiko taking you on a date. That alone is a major reason to listen to it.

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