Shuukan Soine App

Because someone asked me to, here is an explanation of how the Shuukan Soine App for the iPhone works, complete with pictures!

EDIT: By now the entire app has been translated, including subs for all the things the charaters say, so this guide has become obsolete. I'll keep it on the site as a sort of awkward review though (^-^)

When you open the app you are greeted by the above screen. Slide the screen left or right to switch between the characters. I will use Kakeru for the rest of this explanation. Tap anywhere on the screen to go to talk mode:

This is talk mode. Click on the upper left button to make him talk to you. The upper right button takes you to Soine mode, which simply means that the image changes to a close up of Kakeru. The lower right button takes you back to the first screen.

And this is what Soine mode looks like. Like before, the left button is for making Kakeru speak and the right one takes you back to talk mode.

Now, for the rest of the functions. The start screen has 4 buttons. The 1st one on the left takes you to the options for the alarm, which looks like the screen on the right here. The first option is alarm of on/of, with the second one you can set the time.

The third option lets you choose whether you want the voice for the alarm on or off (why would you want to switch that off? xD) and the fourth option lets you choose which voice you want. For the time being both Kakeru and Jin have two options.

The fifth option allows you to set whether the alarm will go into snooze mode, with the sixth option allowing you to choose after how many minutes it should repeat. But like I'll explain in a moment, these options are mostly useless for now. The final option is vibration on or off. I recommend off.

Now, as for why the snooze option is mostly useless: The alarm function doesn't work in sleep mode. Meaning that as soon as your screen switches off it no longer works, meaning that if you want it to work you need to set the setting of your iPhone so that it won't go into sleep mode, which drains you battery like mad. But I suppose it could work that way. Personally I really hope that they will fix this in a future update.

And this is what the wake up screen for the two of them looks like. I faint right after looking at it making the entire alarm option useless because I end up in coma, but hey. I don't own an iPad, but I bet they are deadly on that resolution (*o*)

The second button from the left on the main screen takes you to the 'hitsuji room' where you can buy more voices for the characters. If you buy more voices new sentences will be added to talk and soine mode, as well as new alarm voices.

Personally I'm having problems buying the extra voices (yes, I tried to. Sue me xD). When I try to but them the app says "you need to buy the app first before you can buy extra contents" (=____=) Does anyone else have this problem? It works now.

ps: the reason why the screen says that the extra voices cost 1.59yen is because that is really supposed to euro's but for some reason it shows the yen sign xD

The third option in the main screen takes you to a list of all the sentences you boyfriend has said to you, and you can select them from the list to hear them. So far there are 60 lines for each character. I don't know whether you can get all 60 without buying the extra lines, someone let me know if someone gets more lines without buying the add ons :D

And finally, the fourth option takes you to the animate website, where you can buy the CDs xD

There, I think that was everything? If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!! (^-^)


  1. Thank you so much! >w< I really appreciate that you took the time out of your day to do this for us. :'D

  2. I was wondering. Where did you get those large size images from? =D

  3. Sreencap function of my iPhone :)

  4. Oooh~! Thanks!! =D I'm only using the itouch, so I'll have to check and see if it has that function. =D I hope it does. *crosses fingers*

  5. Ah. I was so hyped up and all and the app needs a 3rd gen or higher iTouch. Boo. =( Ah well.

  6. How could we pay?
    Could we pay with paypal?

  7. Payment methods depend on which country you are in, but you can pay with whatever options are available for the iTunes store in your country

  8. Thanks for this! It really helps ;))

    I was just wondering, could you unlock all lines without buying the extras? I've unlocked 10/60 for almost each of the guys and I'm not sure if you could go farther than that ^^;

  9. I'm not 100% sure. I bought some of the extra packs so I can get more.

    But to be safe, it is probably better to assume that you can't get all of the lines without buying the extra packs.