Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Mobile game
Released: 2011.09.23
Official Site: http://www.halloween-t.com/

Halloween+Town is an otome game for mobile phones, an online comic is also published by Zero-Sum online. In Halloween+Town the human world and demonworld ("Makai") coexist, even though most people don't know the Makai exists. The cast of Halloween+Town all live as normal humans going to school, however at night they revert to there actual forms: wherewolf Ookami Shirou (CV: Kimura Ryouhei), Invisible man Ichinomiya Tooru (CV: Hino Satoshi), Vampire Kuroki Takaya (CV: Yusa Kouji), Jack-o-Lantern Uryuu Minami (CV: Fukuyama Jun), Frankenstein Rikudou Yuudai (CV: Suwabe Junichi), and.... a pumpkin (CV: Takemoto Eiji).

The scene starts with Shirou, Tooru, Takaya, Minami complaining that there is too much homework during the summer vacation and that they want actually go somewhere. After various ideas to decide to go camping. Yuudai and the Pumpking tag along for the trip.

Of course the trip wouldn't be complete without some activities. After managing to successfully raise their tent (despite the Pumpkin doing his best to interfere) they go on a short bicycle trip, ending with Yuudi and the Pumpkin plunging into a lake xD  In the evening everyone tries their hand at cooking something, which ends surprisingly successful. And through all of the, the Pumpkin creates immense amounts of chaos.

After Diner is finished all of them spend some time watching the stars when they realize that the Pumpkin is missing. Wondering whether he simply wandered off or got stuck somewhere they decide to go and search for him. A little chaos later they have found him, apparently searching for some special herbs that he wants everyone to eat. However when they do... (^-~)

The Seiyuu also comment on this in the cast talk, but this drama CD is light hearted and there is absolutely no serious or dark content (as opposed to the original work, apparently). The characters sound like they are really having fun, but the setting is a bit generic.

The cast talk itself was pretty funny, Takemoto-san acts almost the same like the Pumpkin, and everybody is just fooling around. The topic is which member of the cast would be the most fun to tease, and poor Takemoto-san is chosen by everyone, even by Fukuyama and Suwabe-san who did the recording or their own and therefore both have a sepparate comment after the rest.

I feel like I'm missing out a bit because I don't know the game, but more than that they could have made better use of the night-time personalities of the cast. This way it was a bit of a generic story. However the pumpkin was hilarious. Also, isn't a story that has Halloween in the title, but takes place mid-summer... a bit weird? xD

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