Weekly News Post

Ha! Posting commences even before November 1st!! Mostly because, well, since I've been on Hiatus for a little I've been missing out on news posts, and while there might be some old news in here,  all of it is worth mentioning  and this news post was getting so long, that I feared it would become endless if I waited another week with posting it. So without further ado: this weeks news post!!

Shuukan Soine
Almost all of the new volumes have their detailed description and preview tracks up on the official site. Most of the previews are either cute or induce nosebleeds (or both), so if you haven't listened yet I highly suggest you do!

Oujisama (warai) series
Now that the fifth story has been released, it is time for another variety drama! And that means the second vacation CD, this time with Alladin (CV: Miyano Mamoru), the Emperor (CV: Okiayu Kryoutarou), Genji (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), the Frog Prince (CV:Sugita Tomokazu) and of course Takemoto Eiji as their servant. The CD will be released in January, so the theme will be "winter".

While no detailed pages are up yet, a small icon on Momogre their website states two new releases for next year. On 2012.0.26 放課後はミステリーとともに (Houkago ha Mystery to tomo ni, Mysteries after schooltime) which is originally a novel by Higashigawa Tokuya will be released (most likely under their horror and suspence label, it is a detective story after all). And on 2012.02.23 小公女セーラ (Princess Serah) which is the Japanese name for the novel A Little Princess written by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

The first story I know nothing about except the fact that it is about a high school detective club, but the second story I do know. I've never read the novel, but I have seen one of the films based on it (the 1995 one, to be exact) so I know the story a little bit. It will be released as part of their Men's Only series, so I'm curious about who is going to play little Serah, as well as who is going to play the evil headmistress  Miss Minchin.

Well, I'm obviously late with discovering this but Fortissimo is starting a new series: Honeymoon. As you can guess their new series is all about having a lovey-dovey honeymoon together. In the first volume you and your oujisama-type husband Hanamori Yuuto go to Italy, so on the menu are all the well known spots and lots of romance. While it all sounds very sugar coated I am actually really excited about because... *drumroll*... Yuuto will be voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke!! Ha!! I can be married to Hirakawa (his voice)!!

The cast interview gives us a few more hints. Apparently the story starts with the proposal (kyaaa!) and the wedding, and then the honeymoon part. So it's not going to be like you suddenly find yourself on a plane to Italy -and married- but you can actually listen to everything right before that as well (I am actually marrying his voice!! ahahaha!!). You'll get your chance to marry Yuuto on 2011.11.28

A second vol. has also already been confirmed: on 2011.12.28 you can marry Kousaka Otoya (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) and fly off to the Maldives.

I Love Pet! Vol.6
While we are at Fortissimo, the 6th vol in their I Love Pet series has been confirmed. This time you buy a pet hamster called "Maron" (CV: Kaji Yuuki) who turns out to be able to transform into human form when he gets feelings for someone... You yourself have never had a pet before and tend to treat Maron a bit like a cat... And thus your life together begins.

Kareshi Igai
The news has been out for a while now, but I'm secretly very exited so I just have to mention this: Kareshi Igai 2 will be released on 2011.12.24!! This time the one you are having an affair with is your boss (CV: Yusa Kouji). No one else at work knows, but you have a spare key to his home and usually go there straight after work.... More info can be found on the official site and on the animate page for it.

Are you Alice OST
A new soundtrack for Are you Alice is going to be released. It will have 28 tracks from both the drama CD and PSP game. A preview track is online. I listened to it but I recognise the first three songs, they were already on the first soundtrack. The others however are new or slightly different versions. Either way, I'm excited to see another soundtrack, the first one has been on my iPod ever since I got my hands on it (^-^)

No new main story entry yet, but a a DJCD has been recorded and will go on sale on 2011.11.23. Although this isn't going to be part of the main story there will be a short mini drama, the CD has been recorded as if it is an in-school radio broadcast so there will be a short intro and outro (is that a word??) drama.  The cover is on the right and it looks nice.

When you meet someone they always seem perfect, yet when you date him for a while you find out that he actually has a fault or two. or three. or four. DameKare (hopeless boyfriend) aims to show you exactly those childish/ selfish/ silly moments that only you as girlfriend get to see. The Official site lists 2012.01.25 as release date.

Hells Kitchen
When Dogma (CV: Miki Shinichirou), one of the counts of hell,  decides that he want to eat a 'true masterchef' one day, he decides to raise one himself. And thus he possesses Moriya Satoru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko), who is thus forced to suddenly become a masterchef. And so the cooking lessons from hell begin. The manga is currently up to vol.5, but this drama CD will feature an original story that takes place between the time that Dogma and Satoru meet and Saturo enters the cooking school and will be released on 2011.12.21


  1. ...o.O ...dat...Yusa Kouji. I WANT THAT DRAMA CD. I WAAANT-*is shot* Uhm, welcome back I guess? xD Thanks for the news. I am NEVER informed on drama CDs, good think you and your blog exist~

    (Ohh, and Honeymoon with Hirakawa's voice *A* Me want, too 8D)

  2. おかえりなさい、Eriさん❀
    Glad to see that I've missed out on so much since I've only checked your blog today xD

  3. I'm waiting for Hirakawa Daisuke's drama CD! It's been a while since I listened to his sweet voice after Ai no Kotoba which is really sugary ^^;;
    and this "your wedding night with hirarin" just just just.... *bursts* xDD

    I cried listening to Kareshia igai T_T
    I wonder if the second volume got me too .___."

  4. OMG Kareshi Igai 2?!?! I've been desperately hoping for more ever since the first CD, so I'm very happy to find out that there will be another! Ohhh I hope it will be as good as the first CD. That one really tore my heart up. It was SO sad! I'll admit, I was hoping this would be a continuation of the first story, but oh well, I'm looking forward to it!