Osananajimi no Kare ~Shiro Route~

It is November 1st and that means that our normal almost-daily posting schedule will resume! Midterms are over, I've got time to catch up on all of the reading I still have to do, And most importantly, I've missed listening to and reviewing drama CD's so much that I just have to resume by now. (Actually, we already started yesterday, because it just felt appropriate to post the review of a Halloween themed work on Halloween xD

幼馴染の彼 白ルート

Company: Stellaworth
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.10.01

This is an original CD by Stellaworth (a webshop for everything otome) so only available through their own shop. Osananajimi no Kare (Osananajimi is a childhood friend) are two CDs that start the same but take a different turn. In the 'white' route everything is cute and sweet, while in the 'black' route he turns quite jealous...

But this is the white route. When you meet your childhood friend on your way home and you decide go home together (he is your neighbour after all). You get a phone call on the way home but decide to ignore it. After some awkwardness you agree to go on a date the next day.

The two of you go to a riverside that you used to visit when you were in high school (both of you are in college now). A lot of reminiscing about all kinds of things from when you were young ensues. I like the scene where he suddenly carries you around, somehow it was very cute. That, and I like the sound they use when you hit him xD

Like I mentioned before you're neighbours, and apparently your bedroom windows are opposite of each other, and the balcony close enough to step from one onto the other (so much cliché, I love it). So that night he (I hate it when someone doesn't have a name xD) comes over to talk. What follows are a love confession and a very sudden sleep over.

The last track is some very cute pillow talk. Interestingly enough he mentions a few things (that he kept all the, rather embarrassing, letters you wrote as a child for example) that are used again in the black route.

Like the title implies, this is a completely sweet and cute story. Although, things are getting pretty intimate during your little sleepover (luckily the track fades out at the right moment). I liked the CD, the childhood friend setting is pretty cliché, but somehow it never loses it's charm. Although, I do wonder where someone who only had eyes for you his entire life gets the experience to... ah well, details xD

A very cute CD. It's pretty short too, only about 30min, so perfect to listen to as a snack (I am now comparing drama CD's with food, great xD). If you want to listen to the 'black' route one as well I recommend listening to this one first. The pacing feels a bit better and some things are explained a bit better in my opinion. But if you don't feel like listening to the other one, this is a perfect standalone story as well.


  1. I found the Kuro Route very very creepy...

  2. Haha, it got to me as well. The review for that one will be up next week.

    But for everyone who hasn't listened to it yet a small warning: the kuro route is worthy of the name 'black route' ;)

  3. Thanks for the review can u do the black route review too?

  4. I already listened to it, but for now the review is scheduled for somewhere next week, so that I can cram a few other releases in between (there is just too much that needs to be reviewed xD)