Kannou Jikan 5: Thanatos no Kyoudai


Company: Hituzigumo
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.08.12
Official Site: http://hituzigumo.com/lineup/gumo-0009

Kannou Jikan... I feel obliged to listen to it, yet every time I do I get annoyed with it more and more.

Again, for a short summary: the first Kannou Jikan was more of a relaxation hypnosis with a lot of double wording. The second one became an overdose of pervertedness, the third one took things so far over the top that it became uncomfortable. The fourth one was better on the wording, though it added a lot of perverseness again. And now we've reached part five...

As you can guess from the title Thanatos no kyoudai (the Thanatos siblings) this volume features two characters. Yes, just as I was wondering how they could possibly make the series even more evil, they introduce us to two characters at the same time. The setting is that each year around Obon (when spirits can visit this world) you are visited by two ghosts who want to "play" with you.

Yes, so, two characters. While technically not at the same time (I am refusing to use certain words on this blog, can you tell? xD) you are interacting with two characters. So weird, so weird. You interact with them in turns, and as if somewhat competing with each other they keep adding a little each time. Which is rather effective and makes me highly uncomfortable.

Also, the two of them saying -that- simultaneously was pure overkill.

The freetalk however, was hilarious. Apparently Yonaga Tsubasa and Saiga Mtsuki had a lot of fun recording this together. The best part however is when Yonaga remarks that it was weird to play the part of brothers (because Saiga-san is a woman) to which Saiga-san replies that she was convinced that Yonaga was a woman the first time she heard him, and that she now considers him "Yonaga gendered" (as opposed to male or female xD).

Well, as expected, the series once again became more perverse. So only listen to it if you like that. Meanwhile, I seriously need to reconsider whether I am still going to listen to a possible vol.6...


  1. I've been reading several of your Drama CD reviews and I felt I had to comment at least once or it wouldn't be fair. I'm enjoying your reviews quite a lot, and whether you meant to make it that way or not, I found your reviews for this series especially hilarious. It was perhaps due to the fact that you found all the perverted stuff way too explicit; I found your reactions rather entertaining (no offense intended xD). Not that I don't find those moments "cringe-worthy", believe me, I do. Although most of it sounds so over the top that it makes me laugh out loud and grimace at the same time.
    Your reviews are great and lighten my mood every time! I hope you'll continue reviewing.
    Btw, if you don't mind answering this question, did you purchase all of the Drama CD's that you've listened to? If you did, it's so great to see your support for the makers.

  2. Hello! And thank you for reading (^-^)

    Yes this series is... while I think I've gotten better in dealing with explicit content, I doubt I will ever be able to deal with this series, haha.

    As for buying CDs, I own about half of what I have reviewed. In the beginning I just downloaded, but as timed passed I have started to properly buy more and more, especially when any of my favourite seiyuu are involved :)

  3. I see. Indeed, having a hard copy rather than a copy on your computer feels very different, doesn't it? ^^
    I look forward to seeing new posts!