Weekly News Post

After missing a news post we are back this week! And with a some very good news too! Starting with:

Shuukan Soine vol.7~ 12
Yes you read that right!! Shuukan Soine will be continued, and with another 6 vol no less!! Starting on 2011.11.18 (they should have chosen a week earlier!!) one CD will be released every week for 6 weeks. And to make this news even better, the seiyuu are also already known, on order they are:

a sweet but somewhat thickheaded boyfriend (Kurota Takaya), a timid younger boyfriend that loves you with whole his heart (Okamoto Nobuhiko), a boyfriend that is always smiling and like an older brother (Morita Masakazu), a cheerful and fun, generous boyfriend (Inoue Kazuhiko), a somewhat cold boyfriend, who still lets you glimpse his respect and love (Fukuyama Jun), and a serious boyfriend with a strong sense of justice (Midorikawa Hikaru).

I'm sure that many of us are squealing like mad over vol.10. Inoue Kazuhiko doing a Shuukan Soine CD... that will end with a lot of nose bleeding. Too bad for me there is still no Sakurai, but this is a beautiful list of seiyuu and a lot of releases to look forward to :3

Oujisama warai
more details about the upcoming little mermaid spinoff in the oujisama warai series. The princes from Cinderella, Snow White, and Genji are visiting a neighboring country for the wedding of a relative. However the prince that is the groom doesn't feel like marrying because he wanted to have a "destined love like in movies" and resents his political marriage. And along comes a princess who not only claims to be engaged to the prince, but also claims to be a mermaid...?!

The official site also updated with a beautiful summer themed banner at the top, and the official art for the prince of the little mermaid, posted to the right here.

Hougen Renai
a recent blog post stated that they were planning "various things" and one of those has been announced: two radio CDs are to be released on 2011.09.29 and 2011.10.27.

I'm not entirely sure what the contents of the CDs will be, but each CD has three prefectures: the first one has Aichi, Kouichi, and Niigata prefecture, while the second one has Nagano, Fukushima, and Hiroshima prefecture. If you buy both CDs you can also get a bonus CD which has the until now radio-only story for Hiroshima prefecture.


  1. Ah, I know, I know, I shouldn't ask this here...I just don't have an idea where else to ask xD

    Yo, yeah...did you consider listening to this: http://ponytale.lalaparadise.com/cd-aishite-ageru-nya-boku-no-pet-vol-1-ishida-akira-frontier-works/#more-13713? Because I am really curious about this. Not that I get the chance to listen to this anytime soon, but...I find the concept hightly interesting xD

    *runs* Yeah, useless comment 8D I am also looking foward to the continued Shukan Soine series~ Now I also hope they add OnoD, Yusa, Kamiya, Nakamura Yuuichi....ehhm, I could list down all good male seiyuu, so let's better stop here xD

  2. Haha, actually I am planning to listen to it! But there is a lot that I still want to listen to, along with a lot of things that have been lying around for ages, so I don't know when yet xD