Yandere Heaven ~karei naru Sanjou-kei hen~


Company: Hobirecords
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.08.12
Official Site: http://www.hobirecords.com/yandere4/

Yesss, Yandere Heaven 4!! I was waiting for this! The series returns with two new characters; this time you are loved to bits by your childhood friend and fiance Yamashina Makoto (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya), and your butler Minase Yasunori (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki).

-obligatory warning that yandere might not be for everyone-

The story starts on a birthday party, just after your engagement to your childhood friend is announced. Unfortunately neither you nor your butler Minase knew anything about it, although everyone else in the household seems to know.

To prepare for the wedding Yamashina starts living with you, starting a few days in which Minase tries to keep him away from you. Eventually though, Yamashina manages to get the wedding preparations done. On the night before your wedding both Yamashina and Minase come to your room, the one to convince you that you can't escape, the other to convince you to run away with him, and you'll have to choose...

Like in previous entries to the series, there are two sepparate endings, one for each character. The endings are somewhat milder that in the last CD, although that might also be due to neither character being bloodrelated this time (thankfully!)

There is a lot more humor in this CD than in any of the others. The interactions between Yamashina and Minase can actually be called comical at times. Of course when both of them go yandere there is nothing left of that light atmosphere, but it was interesting to see that you can mix the two to some extent.

The cast talk was pretty fun. Kakihara seems to be talking more to himself that to the listeners xD And Morikawa-san suddenly goes high tension. Other than that it wasn't very special though.

This will remain my guilty pleasure for ever I think. It was a little more subdued that the previous entries, but the fact that we have a yandere butler here makes up for a lot of that. I hope that they'll continue the series, in the meanwhile I'll just re-listen all the existing ones~


  1. 8D I was waiting for your summary/short review because it helps me understand the situation better...because I cannot understand Japanese yet (just wait, in a year I do! ...or however long it takes when you pick up Japanese Studies in university). *shot at being a fail and still listening to Japanese Drama CDs*

    I sure hope they continue this series, too (I mean, you probably will never want to have a yandere boyfriend in real life, so let's delve in wonderful fantasies thannks to these? 8D), and I am SO GODDAMN GLAD they don't use roles teh seiyuu are famous for. Like usually Yusa being some smoothtalking, playful, teasing yandere (in this Drama CD series he is at least an adult...who likes to scream and throw a fit. Goddamnit that scared me and I liked it-*is shot*)....and since the butler role is already taken by Morikawa, Ono Daisuek can't eb used for taht role anymore, yay~ (I sure HOPE they will use OnoD at some point, too!)

    ...so, yeah. Thanks for those short reviews/impressions~

  2. Haha, so true about the OnoD butler thing. (and I hope that they will use him at some point too :3 )

    If you've got any unresolved questions feel free to ask~

  3. ..Male yanderes?! How did I know nothing about this...
    Aw man There's nothing on Youtube!! >.<

  4. I do want them to use OnoD too!!! And HiroC!!!!