Are you Alice? - Bristle grass

This is one of the bonus drama's for Are you Alice. I believe it comes with one of the Tea Party CDs. As this takes place after the entire story I recommend listening to it after you've listened to the entire main story (Drink me, Call me, Check Mate).Also, depending on how much of the series you've listened to, slight to major spoilers ahead.

Are you Alice? - Bristle Grass

In the first few lines Alice explains that Lewis Carrol found the exit to wonderland, all people have been returned to the real world, except Alice and the White Rabbit. The story consists entirely of Alice and the Cheshire cat talking.

Considering that most drama's are somewhere between parodies and near total crack, this one is remarkably serious. For one thing, both characters remain in character for the entire drama (in most side drama's they act out of character, a lot). Despite being serious there is no lack of the usual snarkiness that you'd expect in any Are you Alice -or Ninomiya Ai, for that matter- story.

While fairly short (20min) due to it being a tokuten it does explain a few things about the entire series. Both Alice and the Cheshire Cat talk a bit about motives and regrets, and Alice explains why it always rains in some of the side drama's.

While not necessary to understand the main story, this does give some interesting information. Not that it is completely serious though, the conversation between Alice and the Cheshire Cat is bound to make you laugh a couple of times.

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  1. Hello, I hope you don't mind me writing here not only to cheers you, and thanks that you made revives of Are You Alice? series but also to ask you something...
    Could you please write it here or(to avoid unnecessary spoilers)on my e-mail(saina@tlen.pl)the reason of raining? Or something else?
    I'm really interested in all info about Are You Alice? series, but I'm only Polish and English user,not a Japanese one...

    With love,