Oboreru hodo Hana wo ageru


Company: Momogre
Based on: Novel
Released: 2011.06.23
Website: http://momogre.com/

Well... this was an interesting experience. This must be the first drama CD that I've listened to with sexual content. It is a spinoff of momogre their "men's only" series, so that means the cast is all male, yet there are karami (sex) scenes but it is not BL. Weird.

But first the story. Lady Irene (CV: Iguchi Yuuichi) has fallen in love with the revered clergy man Zavario (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). When her uncle (CV: Chiba Isshin) goes insane and suddenly attacks Zavario it is discovered that he bears the mark of a forbidden religion, Zavario insists that he must check whether Irene caries this mark as well, and that he has to inspect her body. Every inch of her body.

As these daily 'inspections' continue, the two of them finally proclaim their love for each other. However, this doesn't mean that their love will meet no more obstacles...

So basically this is candlelight novel (you know, those sappy romance-smut novel things). I obviously didn't do my background research before listening, or otherwise I would have noticed that it was based on a novel by Tiara Bunko, a publisher that specializes in these kinds of novels.

The opening scene immediately shows you what you can expect of this story. My tolerance for these kind of things is very low so I immediately start to giggle and blush and have to force myself to listen. What made it even better is that I was listening to this while doing the groceries. Not a very good combination.

The Seiyuu did a wonderful job though, especially Iguchi-san. You immediately believe that he is a woman, and he probably sounds even cuter than most females would manage to sound. The entire cast also says this in the cast comment.

I suppose you have to like these kinds of stories. None the less, this is a very good drama CD, although I felt incredibly weird listening to it (especially when I had to pause a karami scene to pay at the register). I don't know what to say. I guess that if you like these things it is an absolute must. If you're not sure; there is nothing too weird in it so it might be a safe first step.

Did I... just recommend a smut novel?

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  1. thanks for this... i thought it was a BL atfirst, but then after seeing the cover photo,it's a girl?! so i was shocked why the heck they chose a guy to voice a girl(character)... but after reading this i finally understand! and whatever it is, I still want Iguchi-san instead some exaggerating voice of a real girl in a karami scene.. O__O