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Good morning, it is 8:00am, this is the morning news.

And we've already reached July! That means all reviews from last month have been added to the review page. I didn't manage to keep to the 1 review a day schedule but I've been trying! And this month I'll just try a little harder to actually make it.

There is also a new blog page: the glossary. Basically a huge list of drama CD related words and their explanation, so that you don't have to be confused when I start using exotic words. An everlasting work in progress, probably. There is another new page planned, but that remains a little secret for now.

Shuukan Soine
I already had my laugh when the first Shuukan Soine pillow covers went on sale, but vol.5 and 6 have their own covers, and pre-orders have opened. Pre-orders end on the 31st of July. You can only order them if you live in Japan though.

It looks like momogre (Momo & Grapes Company) is on a nice monthly schedule with releasing more drama CD's based on famous literary works. The next one is called 十五少年漂流記~二年間の夏休み~ (Juugo shounen hyouryuuki ~ninenkan no natsuyasumi~ , the drifting chronicles of 15 boys ~a two year summer vacation~) and will be released 2011.07.28 and is an adaption of Jules Verne his book "Two Years' Vacation"

Another release is set for august:  ドラキュラ~ふたりの吸血鬼~ (dorkyura ~futari no kyuuketsuki~, Dracula ~two vampires~). The story summary states that "Alexander and van Helsing are chasing Count Dracula,  who is chasing after a girl named Mina because she looks exactly like his long dead beloved. While the Count his right hand Mikael (Michael?) does his best to obstruct their path, Alexander and van Helsing manage to track down the Count...

The website names Bram Stoker as the writer for the original work, and this is where it gets weird. Bram Stoker certainly did write the world famous novel Dracula, but there is no character named Alexander in that novel, nor does the story description match the contents of the novel. I am guessing that they are mixing history and fiction just like with Bluebeard, however even then the facts don't add up. The site mentions that Alexancder and Vlad Dracul are vampire brothers who have lived for 400 years. Now, there are two Dracul Brothers named Alexander I Aldea and Vlad II Dracul, But Dracula is said to be based on Vlad III (the Impaler) .

My endless ramblings about vampire history aside, this looks like it will be an interesting adaption of yet another famous literary work. It is labeled under Kikka their Horror and Suspense label, just like Bluebeard.

Kannou Jikan 5?
Hituzigumo has a webstory (for lack of a better word) called "koi no saimin sawagi" in which all characters from Kannou Jikan play a role. In part 16 two new characters suddenly appeared... So maybe that means a Kannou Jikan 5? The two mysterious characters don't have an avatar yet, but they are said to be siblings, hmmmm.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find the courage to listen to the recently released Kannou Jikan 4...

Zyklus Code
IM Label will release their first Zyklus Code (related) work at Comiket 80. 調律葬交Zyklus;CODE 0≒SCORE will be released under their 1coin series label, and is sold at Comiket 80. There are no details on the contents though.

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