Full Score 02 -side Classic-

While we are at it, another review. I had so much fun with the first Full Score that I decided to do the second one as well.

Full Score 02 side Classic

 Starts of with Tsutomu trying to introduce who he is, but the focus is drawn to an interview with the half French blond haired narcissistic violinist Shindou (because French people are always blond -FAIL). Against all odds he is not rich, but in fact actually comes from a poor family. On the other hand the plain Tsutomu is the one that is the heir to a massive multi-billion company.

Shindou has an outspoken personality that would have fitted the 'rich prince' image but as said before, comes from a poor family. Somehow he managed to hide that up to now. The only one who knows is his childhood friend Tsutomu. Opposite to Shindou he has a soft and rather indecisive attitude.

Once again the story is about a music club at Freedom University. This time it is about the Classic Music Club, who also somehow ended up with only two members (actually all the girls quit because Shindou said he would be absent for a while, and all the guys quit because all the girls quit). Thus they start to think of ideas to recruit new members, resulting in a hilarious scene with Shindou and Tsutomu singing recruitment songs to famous classical tunes xD

The story is once once again not that memorable, but the conversations are. Shindou his dramatic fits and Tsutomu his 100% pure personality are just as much of a mis-match as those of the last CD. Speaking of volume one, it is referenced a couple of times. I somehow liked the first one more though, maybe because Baba was better at creating trouble xD

The last three tracks are random again. The first tells how Shindou and Tsutomu met each other in full fairytale fashion. After that they switch introducing who the characters were based on in a variety show fashion. Hyoudou Tsutomu was somehow derived from Beethoven (yes, they don't sound similar to me either). Shindou (神藤) was based in the wonderchild (神童, shindou) Mozart.

Aaaaand Miyano once again portrays a blond haired violinist xD I already guessed from the cover (one day I have to research exactly what percentage of the characters he portrayed have blond or bleached hair xD). I have to admit that I wasn't really listening to him though, all my attention went to Hirakawa-san~

*edit* only later I realized the similarities between Shindou and Tamaki (Ouran High). Both blond, half French, same personality and same voice actor. The only difference is that Tamaki is super rich while Shindou is incredibly poor.

Sadly there were no references to the Jazz volume. I'm still looking forward to it though! Compared with the first volume this one doesn't stand out that much. Hirakawa-san makes up for most of that, but I kept hoping he would suddenly show a whole different side xD

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