Brother Android - 01. Ryuu

Brother Android is a series by Black Butterfly that is based on the concept of having an android that acts as your brother, exactly as the title implies. It is a Talk CD series, so basically the character (in this case; Ryuu) talks to you as if you were there.

The home page shortly itroduces the background situation, a few years in the future 'maid' and 'butler' androids are widely in use and people have come to interact almost exclusively with these androids, as a result of which they have become egoistical. Thus the BB Company has developed an android with human feelings that is designed to help and raise you: the Brother Type.

Ryuu is the first model, a kind and tolerant older brother. The CD starts with you booting up Ryuu who introduces himself and warns you that his emotions might still be a little unstable, but no worries. From there on the tracks show scenes from your life with Ryuu, who in the beginning is still a little clueless about various emotions. Later on though, his feelings develop into something more than just brotherly (come on, you saw one that coming)

The concept is fairly simple, and done pretty well I think. Ryuu tries his best to act like a proper brother (though he spoils you a bit) which is sweet to listen too. Though near the end he suddenly turn almost yandere, which was a pleasant surprise for me. If you don't like that sort of things don't worry though, the ending is sweet. Ryuu's not understanding certain emotions is obviously played so that you know he feels more for you, although he himself hasn't noticed that yet. I feel like they have missed a chance by not putting you in a hilarious situation as a result of it though, instead it results in a lot of sweet moments though.

While I've heard much better talk CDs, it was interesting enough to make me want to try out the other characters available.

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  1. aww why did they even make him love his lil sis more than a brother would do Q_Q awww thank you so much for this wonderful review :) i love your website hehe <3
    in my opinion they should have left the romance out , ooooor they should have added one more track , an epilogue or something.. where he realizes that he loves his sis in a romantical way and confesses Q__Q awww sorry, im so "happy-end-obsessed" xDD

    Yusa Koujis voice is so adorable Q_Q Fell in lovee with it x33