Seiza Kareshi Series vol.1 - Starry☆Sky ~Capricorn~

The Starry☆Sky series introduces 12 ''boyfriends"to you, and each CD has a different character> Their character is based on the zodiac horoscope, hence the title which translates into something like 'zodiac boyfriend'. This is the first volume, the character Tomoe Yoh, who is based on the image of the Capricorn.

I don't know whether this would have been the best character to start with, because Yoh sort of clings to you. Though that may just be my personal dislike of characters who dote over you so much, as well my experience with the related games. The fact that Yoh is half French and uses some badly pronounce french didn't really make it better either. If you like overly sweet characters though, this might be a good CD for you.

The different tracks show you going on a date, celebrating your birthday, various phone calls (wake up call and goodnight call) a lecture on something related to the character,  as well as the character reading your horoscope. All of them are of course tooth ache inducingly sweet.

Starry☆Sky has become a rather large franchise with the character cd's, drama cd's featuring multiple characters, games, and soon an anime as well. If you want to get the most out of it I highly recommend at least playing the games as well though, first because they are quite fun and second because combining the various media makes the characters much deeper. You'll see new sides of the characters when you listen to/ play more of the material.

Normally I'm quite a fan of Midorikawa Hikaru but... well Yoh is just so sweet it starts to turn me off. He did an amzing job on the super sweet voice, it was just slightly wasted on me (^-^;;)

Starry☆Sky is probably what introduced me to the concept of a character on the drama cd talking as if you were there. That means the character talks to you, and there are slight pauses in which you apparently say something back, and from the reaction of the character you know what you apparently just said. That was you can go on dates and that kind of things. I admit, it sounds rather weird and the first time I quit half-way through because I just couldn't take it seriously and kept laughing. Once you get used to it though it is a lot of fun.

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