Seiza Kareshi Series vol.2 - Starry☆Sky - Aquarius –

The Starry☆Sky series introduces 12 ''boyfriends"to you, and each CD has a different character. Their personality is based on the zodiac horoscope, hence the title which translates into something like 'zodiac boyfriend'. This is the second volume, the character this time is Amaha Tsubasa, who is based on the image of the Aquarius.

Like the first CD the tracks show you going on a date, celebrating your birthday, making phone calls etc. Tsubasa's character is completely different though, he is very lively almost bordering on childish, which is something he is always worried about. Throughout the CD he is pre-occupied with not acting childish, as a result of which he does seem somewhat childish of course. The energy is refreshing though, too bad it also gave me a feeling like I was interacting with a cute little brother rather than my boyfriend (^-^;;) The few moments he is not worrying about acting childish or grown up is matury rating soars sky high though.

There are some really sweet moments, I especially like the birthday track in which he gives you 'his future'as a present. A bit of a heavy present but the way he gave it was very sweet. The track where you take a walk in the park and he starts talking about the future after seeing a family with kids was also suprisingly sweet, as well as finally showing a more mature side.
The voice acting is very lively, his way of talking sort of gave me the image of a cross over between a brat and the kind of people you find in shibuya though xD But like I said the energy is refreshing and addictive.

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