Sweet Voices is closing down

There have been no updates for two whole years now so I don't expect anyone to check for new posts, but I wanted to make an official post that there will be no more updates on this blog.

The truth is, I have slowly moved on from this hobby. It has been months since I last listened to anything, and I don't think I will get back into it either. People change, hobbies change, and that is OK. I had a great time writing reviews and learned a lot from it, and it was amazing to connect with people who shared the same interests.

For now the blog will remain online, but it will no longer be updated. Thank you all for a great couple years!!


  1. It's a shame that I just found your blog today, and I was having great fun scrolling the journals about a certain someone you fangirled so much!

    Glad to hear you that you had a great time loving seiyuus and their works. I hope you all the best with your new life =]

  2. That was too bad. But I guess lost of interest happens. I used to look forward to your posts in the past.

    Anyway, thank you for all your entertaining posts.

    I hope you'll find a new hobby that you can be passionate about~

  3. Aw too bad. Thanks for all your posts until now. It pointed me in the direction of a lot of great drama CDs - most of all, Are You Alice? Your blog was my greatest guide for that. Thanks for everything!

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  5. Thank you for all the reviews! You were like the introductory blog that got me into this world :) Kudos to your dedication!