Kareshi to Issho ni Ofuton de Icha Icha Goro Goro CD - Evening

カレと一緒におふとんでイチャイチャごろごろするCD - Evening

Label: Black Butterfly
Based on: Original
Released: 2013.11.15
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In this series you spend some quality time with your boyfriend. Basically all you do is cuddle, which makes this CD super cute. This is the third CD in the series, voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke.

Your boyfriend this time is Kousei, who is a writer. At the start of the CD you enter the room where he is working, to remind him of the fact that it is already late and that he should probably stop working. Kousei finishes what he was writing for a bit (a overly sweet passage that is obviously based on you), and realizing that you were lonely while he was working so hard,  you decide cuddle on a sofa on the veranda together.

The rest of the CD is a lot of cuddling, Kousei telling you how much he loves you, some kissing (which sounds surprisingly eroi, seems like the poor guy is having a hard time suppressing certain urges), and more Kousei telling you how precious you are to him.

You do discover a little about your relationship through all of this. Apparently you met while he was in a slump, and it is thanks to you that he recovered. It took a while before you started dating though. In the final track you have fallen asleep, and Kousei once again declares his love for you (as well as planning to do more than kissing once you wake up, fufu)

While the CD is mainly cute, there were some sentences that caught me completely off guard. Along with a lot of his kisses...

Plot zero, cuteness 90%, embarrassment 10%. No really, the amount of overly sweet words and kisses are almost overkill. But if you are fine with that then this is a really cute CD that makes you want to cuddle the nearest available thing. Because of the overkill you should probably only listen if you either like the seiyuu or are looking for something caries-inducing sweet, because lets be honest, it really is nothing more than cuddling.