Januari News Post Vol.2

All of the Januari news up to today.

Micchacku CD More
The Sasayaki Micchaku Series continues! But under a different name.

The continuation of the series is called Micchaku CD More. The concept this time is that the main guy in each CD wants to get closer to you, but is not sure how to do this. Of course the dummy head mic is also back, it wouldn't be a 'micchaku' (close contact) CD without it.

Four CDs have been planned for now;
- vol.1 とある国の王様の場合
(to aru kuni no ousama no baai, the case of a certain country’s king)
- vol.2 とある名家の執事の場合
(to aru meika no shitsuji no baai, the case of a certain distinguished family their butler)
- vol.3 とあるカメラマンの場合
(to are kameraman no baai, the case of a certain camera man)
- vol.4 とあるピアニストの場合
(to aru pianisuto no baai, the case of a certain pianist)

No release date or seiyuu have been announced yet, but the website mentions ”spring 2014” for the releases. If you buy all of the CDs you can get a special disk with cast comments by all of the seiyuu.

Aroma na Kareshi
This series always remains silent, and then it suddenly ninja-announces the next CD, haha.

The theme scent for the 7th CD in the series is 'rosewood', and your boyfriend this time is Yahara Sou (CV: Sakurai Takahiro). Sou is the owner of the flowershop and arrangement atelier where you work, and is so popular that it is near impossible to get a reservation for one of his classes. You are secretly dating, but keeping this a secret from all of the customers.

The CD is planned for a 2014.04.25 release.

Januari News Post Vol.1

All of the news from the second half of December until Januari 1st.

Mouhou Shounen Magic Heart.
Two Five is a starting a new series called Mouhou Shounen Magic Heart which is all about... Magical Boys! We are probably all familiar with Magical Girls like Sailor Moon / Card Captor Sakura/ Wedding Peach / name-any-nostalgic-magical-girl-series-here, but this time we get a genderbent.

Half of the magical country of Tōtatis  is being invaded by a dark force, and in order to restore the world to peace, a young prince is given a special mission. which is "to collect Filia/Philia, crystals of love created from kisses." *description shamelessly paraphrased from wakannaiyo

Volume 1 features a the young Kitten Dagda (CV: Suzuku Yuuto) who can transform into a kitten. In fact, the first time you meet him that is how he looks. It will be released on 2014.02.19.

Two more CDs have already been announced as well. Vol. will feature a character named Chouchou Midir (CV; Yonaga Tsubasa) and will be released on 2014.04.23, while vol.3 features Joel Dagda (CV: Takahashi Naozumi) and will be released on 2014.06.18

SxM Town [1]
More details about the series have been released. In each CD, you will meet 1 sadistic character and 1 masochistic character. The two characters have the same job, moreover, they are voiced by the same seiyuu. Through your interactions with both of them you can figure out which you like more, S or M.

In vol.1 two high school students take the spotlight. One of them Sagara Tomoya, the “manipulative S” honors student and  student council president. The other is Murashige Tamotsu, a “physical pain M” and delinquent.  Both will be voiced by Masuda Toshiki. And oh, the Dummy Head Mic will be used for certain scenes.