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Oujisama (warai) series
The first two preview tracks for the second Oujisama (warai) Date CD are up at the Animate TV site. The first track has Aladdin (CV: Miyano Mamoru) being extremely sweet, and the Emperor (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou) and Genji (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) commenting on what he is doing. The second track has the Emperor writing a poem for you, and of course the other two feel the need to comment on this.

On 21st two more preview tracks will be uploaded: a preview of your date with Genji, and a preview of the Zadankai track.

Miracle Train
Lately the official site has been releasing info on new characters. 麻布十番 双葉  (Azajuuban Futaba) will be voiced by Shimono Hiro, 赤羽橋 弐人 (Akabaneshi Nihito) will be voiced by Hosoya Tadamasa. .I can't find any info on new CDs or other products being released soon, but this secretly makes me hope that there will be more escort CDs (even though I still haven't listened to any of them).

Double Score
Last week the sample tracks for Emori Chisato were uploaded. In the first Preview track Chisato and Issei (CV: Tachibana SHinnosuke) are worrying about their weight. That they might be a little too slim, butthat they don't want to eat too much either because "when you get this old losing weight is difficult" xD. In the second track you are washing the dishes together, and because you are being all cute Chisato wants to kiss you. Apparently he promised Issei not to do anything more than kissing, but he kind of remarks that he broke that promise "in a lot of ways" (〃ノωノ)

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa
The first two voice samples for the 5th CD are up, as well as a summary for his story. Because Kondo asked him Hijikata allows you to stay at the Shinsengumi headquarters as a servant, but he does make a point of telling you that he doesn't trust you. You decide to give it your best to show him that you can be trusted. However, one day you make a mistake and end up spilling tea all over him. When you apologise with all your might he orders you to take off his now drenched kimono, because you made spilled the tea  "so it is obvious that you should clean up afterwards as well".

The first sample voice is just the introduction as always. The second sample track however... A blog post already mentioned that he calls you a "dog"and ummm... he does call you that. And puts a collar on you and binds you to a pillar "so that you will remember your place". Even the makers warn us that this CD "is not going to be sweet", considering that the rest of the series wasn't exactly cotton candy either, that warning is probably legit.

I've heard before that Hijikata would be a do-S and this summary certainly sounds like that. But the real reasons why I am interested in this CD are 1. because of the way the others decribed him (especially his interactions with Kondo) and 2. because I want to see the full version of that cover.

The preview movie for 42gami vol.2 is up on nico nico douga (if if you have no account you shouldn't be able to see it). Armonica sounds really gentle, to bad we know it is all an act. Those final lines however reminded me why I like Suwabe-san his voice. Before you listen though, the actually contains a rather large spoiler for the first CD in a way. So in case you don't want to be spoiled: don't listen or skip the part between 0:40 and 1:00.

Of course the preview for 42gami being up also means that the preview movie for Toubousha 02 is up as well (once again you should be able to listen to this without having an account). The preview shows how you meet Naoya: he runs into you while running away from something and drops the knife that he is holding. Because you see this he drags you with him....  Ahhhhh I really want to listen to this.

Tenbu ni Iyasare CD
The official site has now completely opened, with information on the first four characters and CDs. The concept of the CDs is that the Tenbushou (which are described as 'superstars' of the Buddhist world) will accompany you when you suffer from sleepless nights. They will help you forget about the stress and make sure you sleep soundly.

Ashura (CV: Kimura Ryouhei) is described as the most well know of all the Tenbu, and popular with the girls. He is often really serious and hates to lose, but is honest at heart. he is described as a "yuutousei idol" (perfect student idol, whatever that may be). His CD has the catchphrase "for nigts when your heart is tired".

Karura (Garuda) (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) his trademark are his shining wings, and for some reason he speaks in the kansai dialect (whooohooo, more dialect!!). He is good at reading the atmosphere (of a coversation, etc) but does say what needs to be said. He is always smiling, and described as a "owarai kei aniki" (owarai type older brother. So I suppose he will be doing manzai as well? xD). The catchphrase for his CD is "for nights when your heart is irritated"

Taishakuten (Sakra devanam Indra) (CV: Hino Satoshi) is a sort of leader to the Tenbu. Manly and trustworthy, but he tends to look down upon others. He sees through every act, and is described as a "ousama kei do-S" (Royal do-S. SOrry, the litteral translation is 'King type do-S, but this sounds funnier. Also: Yay for another do-S). The catchphrase for his CD is "for nights when you heart is sinking" (meaning: when you feel down).

Bonten (Brahma Deva) (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is always polite and graceful. He always cares deeply abput others, but can at times be scary. Also rumoured to be the strongest among the Tenbu. He is described as "yuuha kei kakure do-S" (a graceful hidden do-S). The catchphrase for his CD is "for nights when your heart is restless". All of these CDs are planned for a 2012.12.19 release.

While digging around the source code for the website (because I was searching for the background image) I discovered something interesting: there is a -now still hidden- page which has info on an iOS app. So maybe we'll be seeing an app sometime soon.

Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru
The official site has opened, and I have to say I really like the layout with the ribbon and everything. As for the story: the heroine (meaning the listener) was kidnapped once when she was still young. This has left her a bit scarred, but supported by her two childhood friends she is living a pretty happy life. Until both her childhood friends start acting slightly strange.

So we have two characters who want your affection. The first is Mamiya Kanoe (CV: Noriyuki = Sugiyama Noriaki), who is your left neighbour and has liked you ever since he can remember. He deeply regrets not being able to protect you when you were kidnapped, and hasn't been able to tell you his feelings ever since. He is normaly a bit rough, but towards you he is kind to the point of being overprotective.

Your other childhood friend is Shimano Haruto (CV:Manaka Sawa = Nakazawa Masatomo) who is your neighbour on the right side. He is older than you and Kanoe, and therefore acts a bit like an older brother figure. Both you and Kanoe trust him completely. He doesn't have any parents and lives all alone in a large house.

What really surprised me is that this CD has 3 discs. Yes, 3. The first one has the overall story, and after that both characters get a sepparate CD for their endings. Both of them have two endings: a "best end", and a "bad end."

Matsutake Ume (who does the script) tweeted that the best end is all sweet and happy, but also that those who are uncomfortable with yandere should be careful with buying this, because the yandere parts are pretty extreme at times. Also, I probably don't need to mention this, but considering the fact that the seiyuu use their pseudonyms, this will undoubtedly be 18+. The CD will be released on 2012.12.26

Kiss x Kiss
The next three volumes for Kiss x Kiss have been announced: Vol.25 Oujisama Kiss, Vol.26 Snatch Kiss, and Vol. 27 Vivace Kiss.

Vol.25 features Hirose Aoi (? CV: Sakurai Takahiro) who is a popular hairdresser. Because of his looks and the way he treats customers he is popular with female customers, but he does have the skills to back this up. His nickname is Ouji (prince). He is originally from the countryside, and has a bit of a complex because of this.

Vol.26 features Kashiwago AKio (CV: Hatano Wataru) who is an employee at a large pharmaceutical company. He doesn't show any respect towards his superiors, and can be rather egoistic and forceful but he is a kind person at heart. He is also rather possessive, and bad with animals and children.

Vol.27 features Hijirisawa Haruka (? CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) who has lived abroad for years but came back to Japan to go to high school there. Because he was raised in a wealthy environment he is a bit timid. He is described as having a warm personality and a unique atmosphere about him.

.... has anyone heard me fangirling like an idiot yet? Because Sakurai. and Hatano. But SAKURAI. IN KISS X KISS. Please excuse the all caps but I am having serious trouble containing my excitement. This also sort of means that I now have to listen to all the other CDs in this series just so that I can talk about how the series has evolved. Oh how tragic the life of a fangirl can be.

Kareshi Igai
After Tsubame gettting a second CD it is Makabe (from Kareshi Igai 2, CV: Yusa Kouji) his turn. 旦那昇格~真壁家の食卓~ (danna shoukaku ~makabe-ke no shokutaku~ which translates into something like "Promotion to Husband ~The Dining Table of the Makabe Household~"). I'm kind of curious how this one will turn out. The CD is planned for a 2013.02.14 release (valentine!!)

Oshiro Series
Cosmic Ray suddenly started on a new series while I forgot to check their homepage for a while. The Oshiro series personifies famous castles and tells the story of the castle and its inhabitants. The first volume tells the story of Ishida Mitsunari and the battle he fought at Oshi-Jyo, and is voiced by Ishida Akira.

The first volume was released just a few days ago, but there are no announcements about any other releases yet. Takeuchi Aoi, who wrote the Fushigi Kubou and Time Walkers series, was also involved this time, which basically means that this will probably be a really beautiful and emotive work as well.

There is still a little bit of news left, but you'll have to wait for the end of the week for that~


  1. Oh, Hino as a "royal do-S"?? That sounds absolutely wonderful XD I'm veeeery excited for that CD ^__^

    OMG and yes I'm so happy to hear that Sakurai and Hatano will be in KissxKiss! I haven't listened to KissxKiss since Hino's volume in 2010 XD This will be a great way to pull me back into the series.

    Thanks for the news!

  2. thank you so much for the news and support as always~!! ♥ unfortunately my translation skills still have a long way to go! ><;; is it alright if i linked this post on my tumblr?

    1. i beg your pardon, but i just reblogged your post on tumblr instead (totally forgot reblogs could be done on different tumblr blogs too...)! (。’▽’。)♥

    2. Hahaha, you already knew the answer so of course it is ok (^-^)

      Even if your skills still have some ways to go, I hope you keep on trying and get better and better at it. I know how much time it can take and I think it is great that you are doing it. Besides, what I saw on your tumblr looked good! So keep it up.

      I also put a link in the side bar here in case you hadn't noticed yet, and I'll make a tumblr post later on (^-^)

  3. OMG Yandere!! i love yandere!!!...maybe a little too much. But i think i'm not the only one, so that's ok...maybe .____.

    1. Hahaha, don't worry. You are definitely not the only one.

  4. Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru<<<May be I like yandere part more than gentle...18+ ah.............screaming

    1. I am more curious about the bad ends myself as well.