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Mikkai -Secret Tryst-
The official site for Mikkai opened on Friday. As mentioned before, this series is about "a secret love that you can't mention to anyone". Now that the site is opened it further explains that there are time when even you love someone, you hide your feelings because of what the rest of the world might think. The Illustrations are done by 和田べこ (Wada Beko?), who also did the illustrations for Zoku Toriai Kyoudai. I was secretly hoping for the illustrator from Shuukan Soine.

Details for the first vol.1 are up as well. The subtitle is 不器用な口づけ (bukiyou na kuchizuke, akward/clumsy kisses) and the character is Niki Aoi (CV: Hino Satoshi), an 18year old high school student. His motto is taking it easy, and he hates rules. He likes teasing adults and making fun of them. There are no further detail on what the story will be like, but based on earlier rumours you likely take the role of his teacher. There are three button with a flower pattern that do nothing for now, but I'm guessing we'll see voice samples appear soon. As mentioned before the CD is planned for a 2012.12.21 release.

Soine Hitsuji CD      
The main visual for Soine Hitsuji CD Vol.4 has also been released. This time the illustration has a winter theme (I feel really silly for not realizing that the illustrations followed the seasons as a theme). No voice samples yet, but the CD is voiced by Shimono Hiro and is planned for a 2012.12.21 release as well.

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
I was wondering what color they would choose next, but the next Kindan Kyuuketsuki is 紫薔薇ノ賢者 (murasaki bara no kenja, Sage of the Purple Rose) and will be voiced by Kuroda Takaya and is planned for a 2012.12.26 release. Now all we have to do is wait for the official site the update with the visuals and a deadly promotion movie.

Ojisama Senka
The release of first character song from the Ojisama Senka series was delayed with one month, pushing the release date back to 2012.11.24, but finally more details have started to appear. As mentioned before, besides the character song various short dramas recorded with the dummy head mic are also included. In total the CD will have 8 tracks; a prologue, 4 drama tracks, normal and karaoke versions of the song, and a cast talk. I am kind of intrigued by the image to the right, which seems to be the cover for the CD. It is a rather... unusual cover for a chara song.

Double Score
The sample tracks for Sano Fumiya (CV: Kusao Takeshi) his CD are up. In the first track Fumiya is helping Subaru with his work. Fumiya is trying to get Subaru to drink some coffee, and eventually even tries to force Subaru to drink it when he refuses to. In the second sample track Fumiya is taking care of you when you are down with a cold. He seems really sweet when he is with you, but I secretly like his S side when interacting with other more.

Kamizono Kyouga (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) his character voice sample is also up. Looks like he doesn't behave like a priest at all, but he says that it doesn't matter because the deity at the shrine "likes men this way".

Meanwhile, the release dates for all of the games have been delayed. Interesting enough, the first game has been delayed with three months, but every following game is delayed one month longer, giving the final game an 8 month delay and a 2014.05.30 release date o.O

Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa
The first sample track for the fourth Wasurenagusa CD is up. Just like before this sample track is from the first track, which serves as an introduction so it isn't too special. Heisuke (CV Shimono Hiro) seems to have a grudge against people who claim to act one behalf of the country and emperor yet do as they please. (The term he uses is 攘夷派, joui-ha, which refers to those who are loyal to the emperor and want to expel the 'foreign barbarians'. The shinsengumi was loyal to the Tokugawa bakufu and not the emperor, so there was likely a lot of bad blood there. According to wiki, the shinsengumi was actually formed to counter the violent acts committed by these loyalists.). The CD will be released on 2012.10.31, so hopefully the two remaining sample tracks will be uploaded soon.

Otenki Sentai How Weather
The official site has been renewed, most likely in celebration of the upcoming vol.5, which is planned for a 2013.01.15 release. The themes this time seem to be be "New Year"and "program restructuring:" ("How Weather is supposed to be a TV show in-universe, but the series tends to ignore this setting. On purpose, obviously), but other than that there are no details. Apparently there will be a tokuten drama if you buy the CD at animate though.

Are you Alice       
Unfortunately no new releases for the Alice series, but Alice no Tea Party phase 2 is getting a classical version, it was on pre-sale during the Tea Party Event today but it hasn't appeared in the official shop yet.

The classical editions are re-edits of the original drama CDs with new background music and/or sound effects. Comparing the preview tracks and the version I have there were indeed various differences. Most notably different music being used and more sound effects, and they seem to be taking an advantage of stereo audio to make it sound like the characters are moving around.

Phase 2 was a story about the Jack of hearts and I loved it when I listened to it, so I'm curious as to what kind of edits they made. But maybe even more than that, I'm hoping that this means that they will make a classical edition for Phase 3 as well, because that story was absolutely brilliant.

I am kind of curious what IM label is up to though. First Zyklus Code and Tiny x Machine Gun are delayed with no new release date announced, but they are having events and now out of nowhere they suddenly release a new classical edition (the last one was released over 2 years ago). Zyklus Code Vol.1 was supposed to go on sale in May, but no new date has been announced although the manga is happily being serialized and the limited edition of the first manga vol will have a drama CD as extra. The second and third drama CDs for TxM have no new release date either, although a new character for the game has recently been announced in Dengeki Girls Style, so at least Rejet is still progressing with the game behind the scenes, but it does make you wonder.

Kannou Jikan
a preview track for the Red version of Kannou Jikan 9 has been uploaded to the official site. Apparently the Scorpion is voiced by Okiayu Ryoutarou (that finally clears up that confusion). The preview track itself is, errr, very Kannou Jikan-ish. In every sense of the word.

Atashi no Shimobe-kun
The first two CDs aren't even out yet, but vol.3 and 4 have already been announced. Vol.3 will be Mars (CV: Ousaka Ryouta) and Vol.4 Pluto (CV:Takeuchi Ken) . Judging by the descriptions on the product pages on the Cineria webshop the setting is still the same. The title is still "atashi no shimobe-kun", however the characters have changed from あたしの僕くん to 私の下僕くん. A blog post explains that you should still read the title in the same way, but that they changed the way it is written to match the contents of the CDs, hmmmmm. If you'd ask me the second one gives a slightly more mature feeling, but the summary is exactly the same as before, so I guess we'll have to see how the content is different when the CDs are released. Both CDs are planned for a 2013.01.25 release.

Best Place     
The Best Place series continues with Inui Tadasane (CV: Sakurai Takahiro). Tadasane likes to tease people, but it is hard to guess what he himself is thinking. After realizing that he likes someone he has trouble being honest with them, which is rather ironic since his name is written as 真実 (shinjitsu, truth). Just like before you end up living together as college students due to circumstances. Tadasane is paying for his study himself though, so he is usually only comes back to sleep after working late. The CD is planned for a 2012.12.15 release.

Anata ga Ofuro de Noboseru CD
No series 2 announcement (yet) but there is another release coming: the 源泉編 (gensen hen, origin chapter) is voiced by Fujiwara Keiji, who voiced the storyteller/guide character in all of the other CDs. Apparently G is actually an onsen god, and according to the official blog this entry will be more "adult".We won't be without a storyteller this time either though, especially for this vol a new storyteller called "G2" will do the storytelling. The CD is planned for a 2012.11.28 release.

That isn't the only release though: a soundtrack with the theme music for all nine CDs will be released on the same day. I wasn't aware that the music was that memorable (was there any music at all *shot*) but the blog promises that it will be a very relaxing CD. (I am now trying to remember what kind of music was playing during the drama's, but failing miserably).

 The official blog also has a promotion clip for vol.8. I am secretly enjoying the fact that you are hitting the onsen spirit again. And I can't really blame you: Yufuuin (CV: Ono Daisuke) refers to himself as "onii-chan" and keeps insisting that he wants to take a bath with you. It sounds like this is going to be another fun CD. At the end of the PV Fujiwara Keisuke is feeling down because this is the last entry is season one, after which he starts to giggle a lot (this is all obviously still scripted).

Tenbushuu ni Iyasare CD
Next up in the line of gijinka characters to heal our souls and relieve our stress: Buddhist Deities. Tenbushuu ni Iyasare CD was announced in this month's B's Log, and will feature a total of twelve deities, although only four of them have been shown at the moment. If I am getting the names right: 阿修羅王 (Asura), 帝釈天 (Sakra), 迦楼羅王 (Garuda), 梵天 (Brahma). If you open the official site that is the order in which they ar epictured from left to right. I am normally not one for the long, silverhaired bishies, but I am willing to make an exception this time and am now praying with all my heart that he won't be voiced by Ishida. 12 characters.... does that mean we will be getting 12 CDs? Or will they feature multiple characters on one CD? Hmmm....


  1. Thank you for keeping up with all this. So much news on series I'm listening to right now. I forget to check the sites until I see your posts!

  2. Thanks for the news! I'm happy that there will be 2 Hino Satoshi works released on the same day. :)

    I'm also happy to hear there is still some kind of Are You Alice? activity going on. These classical editions sound interesting! I hope they don't change the new background music TOO much, though. I do like the original music ^_^.

    Oh, and maybe you already know about this, but I think there are recent mini drama CDs that are being released with the manga. It's only 1 track each though, so I really hope that they will release another full length drama CD in the future. ;_;

    1. After comparing the original CD and the previews from the classical edition it seems like they only changed which bgm they used, but there were no new ones.

      I know that the limited editions always come with a short drama. I secretly hope that they will release a full length drama again, but I doubt it. The story did -more or less- end after all.

  3. Oh, I'm really looking forward to the Mikkai series, especially to the first one with Hinocchi!

    Ah, but I checked out honeybee's Soine Hitsuji's website (because I went all "NOOOOOOO another Hinocchi CD in December?! I don't have moneyyy dgesyfvbksdhfvkdhv OTL", haha-) and it actually says that Shimono Hiro's the seiyuu...?

    1. You are absolutely right. I fixed the mistake, and thank you for pointing it out.