Love Sweets Vol.3

ラブ★スイーツ Vol.3

Company: Livret
Based on: Cooking/baking
Released: 2010.12.29

Love Sweets is a series in which you cook / bake sweets together with your boyfriend. Each CD has two guys, and you make something different with each of them. The third CD has Inoue Kazuhiko and Midorikawa Hikaru. Surprisingly, the series really is more about telling you how to cook a recipe than acting all lovey-dovey.

First we have the owner of a cake shop or cafe voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko. A big difference with the previous instalments is that this time you are officially dating. The theme seems to be 'age difference' and Inoue-san clearly plays the part of an older boyfriend. You make a Swiss Roll together. It doesn't sound to difficult but I don't think I will be making it soon. During the baking you get teased a lot. Not to mention the obvious hinting at certain things it is agreed that you are staying over.

The second character is a high school student that is voiced by Midorikawa Hikaru (the setting is actually that you are his teacher...). You are making tiramisu together. What surprised me the most here is that you are using the oven. Apparently you made a sponge cake for the layering of the tiramisu (I usually use a certain type of cookies...). Just like in the first part the amount of lovey-dovey and teasing is way higher than before. Although this character also has a cute side.

The big difference with the previous instalments is of course that you are officially dating this time. As a result the amount of lovey-dovey has also tripled. It might be a bit overdone actually, as some of the things they say are so cliché it just makes me laugh.

Just like on the second CD there is a free talk done by both seiyuu. It starts with Inoue-san accidentally mispronouncing Midorikawa-san his name. After that they talk a bit about sweets, and after that about dating someone younger/older. Which is where the discussion gets pretty weird. Or am I the only one who thinks that Midorikawa-san saying that he could probably make it work even is the girl was in high school is slightly disturbing? Although I get the impression that the conversation somehow switches to being just friends at some point. After that they get side tracked by a discussion about games which is brilliant again.

The amount of lovey-dovey has seriously tripled with this CD, making it far too sweet for my tastes. It does have some funny moments though. And putting a certain weird statement aside, the free talk is really funny as well. I'll stick to my own recipe for tiramisu though.


  1. Midorin just probably said it bc most fans (/fujoshis) are highschool girls? or have highschool love fetish (like me)? I don't know haha

    Anyway, I'm going to listen to this series because of your reviews ^^ do they have fictional names or?

    1. I only have the booklet for vol.2, and the characters don't have any names in that one. They are described with what they are (IE: "tsundere obocchama" for Hino-san his character). They also don't mention any names in any of the CDs, so I'm guessing that the characters really were unnamed.