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A news post less than 24hours late is a news post on time~
(I seriously need to improve on posting this on time...)

Oujisama (warai) series
A scene from the beginning of the first date CD can be read on the official site. Besides the fact that it is going to be non-serious and hilarious as always we don't get much wiser though. Snow White, Rapunzel, and Cinderella meet up and talk a bit about the other characters before Snow White want to move ahead with the scenario, only to discover that the other two didn't read it.

Once again they are being blatantly obvious about it that the characters know this is a CD series. Also, I am taking Snow White his statement "that he will meet him [the prince from Swan Lake] soon enough" as a confirmation that there will be more CDs.

Of course there are tokuten CDs as well. Buy all three Date CDs and you can apply for a bonus CD called "Ojisama darake no uchiage paatii - hanseikai hen" ("a celebration party full of princes - review meeting chapter"). Buy all three at Animate and you can get the animate bonus as well: another bonus CD called "Ojisama darake no uchiage paatii - botsu deeto hen" ("a celebration party full of princes - rejected dates chapter").

Penguin Enishi
It has been a while since there was any news for this series. Vol.3 has been announced and is titled "天狗草子" (Tenguu zoushi). A young man who calls himself a tengu shows up at the police station where Ten works, claiming that an important scroll has been stolen. Eventually Enishi becomes the main suspect for this. I am guessing that both the title and the missing scroll refer to the Tengu-zoushi emaki, a scroll that pictures various priets as Tengu.

Heart Supplement
The details for the second CD have been announced: the title for the second CD is お見舞い時間 (omimai jikan, 'omimai' means visiting someone who is sick) so it is a CD for when you're not feeling well or caught a cold. The cast for this CD are two of the Heart Supplement shop clerks, Sonomura Shinya (CV: Abe Atsushi) and Shinji (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke). Shinya has an open and cheerful personality, while Shinji is the silent type. The CD is planned for a 2012.10.26 release.

a tweet on the official twitter hints at more 42Gami releases. It says that they went over all of the reaction people sent them and that they might be able to grant some of the wishes people expressed if we support them enough. Of course the title for the current CD also has "01" in it, so they might have been planning more releases to begin with. But more than one series ended at vol.1, and this seems like a promise that we will get more.

Non-Fiction Series
Two more characters and their seiyuu have been announced. The first one is Hiyama Kouji (? honestly, I am guessing here. There are too many possible readings. CV: Toriumi Kousuke). While not being part of the group of protagonists that live together in the first CD he does appear somewhere in their story. The second one is a character for the second CD, the teacher Muraishi (CV: Yusa Kouji), He seems like he is very indifferent or like he doesn't feel like properly doing is job, but the students like him a lot. To the right is the cover image for the first CD.

Best Place
Crown Works is continuing their Best Place series. Raised in a wealthy family, Tachibana Ryou (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko) decides that he wants to live on his own to become more independent when he enters university. However for some reason you end up as room mates. He isn't used to talk to women and is rather distant and hesitant around you at first, but starts opening up when he gets used to you. The CD is planned for a 2012.10.30 release.

Lovers Only
The seiyuu for Lovers Only  has suddenly been changed from Suwabe Junichi to Inoue Kazuhiko. The reason for this seems to be a communication miss on behalf of the company that Suwabe-san works with. If you ever feel like reading a really complicated letter of apology in Japanese; MomoGre posted the letter on their site.

Below that they explain that this has never happened to them before, and that they didn't know how things would develop for a couple of days. However they decided that this is an important work and that they would change the seiyuu and still aim for the original release date (2012.10.25). They apologise for the trouble, and offer people who have already pre-ordered a refund in case they want to cancel the order due to the change of cast.

I was really looking forward to an otome CD voiced by Suwabe-san so I'm kind of sad that they had to change the cast. Still, I haven't heard much Inoue Kauhiko lately either and I'm sure he will do a wonderful job as well. I just know that I'm going to wonder on how it would have sounded is Suwabe-san voiced it though.

Joshuseki Kareshi
And the drive dates continue with Joshuseki Kareshi vol.3 - futarikiri no sea-side drive ("sea-side drive with just the two of us"). This time the one sitting beside you is Kousuke (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko), a kouhai from your photography circle. The two of you want to take pictures of the sunset and set off towards the beach. The CD is planned for a 2012.10.27 release.

Akogare no Situation
And because we have a lack of pictures in this post, have a pretty cover for Akogare no Situation - Tsukusaretai.

Do-M Club.
I'm sorry that the link for the official site got messed up in a previous post, so here it is again. And this time it actually works ;)

After watching the first episode of the new Doctor Who season (DO-WEEE-DOOO) it now it is time for the real question of the day: will I survive Diabolik Lovers Versus or not?


  1. Junichi Suwabe did voice plenty of characters on otome games already (and I confess having somewhat of a bias against him) - you really wanted him to voice yet another otome-geared product? ^^;;

    1. While he did voice a lot of otome game characters, I haven't seen many non-game related things by him lately. And between Inoue Kazuhiko and Suwabe Junichi, I have to vote in Suwabe his favour this time.

  2. Do-M Club's official site: Uwaa..the graphic's kinda scary. But I'm curious how the drama CD will sound like~

  3. Thanks for the updates! More Noburinnnn loveee~ I hope you do a review for 42gami as well... I liked it a lot and develop a huge seiyuu crush on Kimura Ryouhei asfhaggngsn ^_^