Diabolik Lovers Vol.4: Raito

Well, I have to admit the promise of the Diabloik Lovers VErsus CD's imeadiately got me excited for the series again. The last three vol. were sort of drowning in the pile of stuff I still want to listen to, but this quickly made me fish them out again.


Company: Rejet
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.03.21
Official site: http://rejetweb.jp/dialover/index.html

Diabolik Lovers is a series that leaves you at the mercy of sadistic vampires. The project features drama CD's, radio broadcasts on NicoNico Live, and a PSP game by Otomate. The drama CD's are the first to be released together with the radio broadcasts, and this is vol.4 featuring Raito.

Raito (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) is one of the triplets in the family, and a gigantic perv. He seems to suspended from school because of that as well. He loves to see people struggle, and the more you do so the more excited he gets.

The CD begins with Raito walking into your room right at the moment you are changing. He doesn't mind though (no of course you wouldn't, you perv) and urges you to continue. Offering to 'help' you. When you try and resist he snarls at you that humans that don't do what he says have not right to live. Note to self: always do what Raito says or you end up dead.

As you become more and more scared, you start to sweat. Which only seems to excite Raito,  who starts to lick it off. Obviously you struggle because you don't want that, which ends in Raito lifting you up and taking you to the bathroom so that he can wash it off (and then continue what he was doing). This is also the single moment in the CD where Hirakawa-san drops his voice. The effect would silence anyone.

From the events in the bathroom I can tell you; you should have just let things happen to you before. Because this is certainly not any better. Trying to get away from Raito you only run further into the bathroom.

-short explanation of a Japanese bathroom: you have a space where you can change, and then the room where the bath and the shower are. You shower (often while sitting down on a small stool), and only enter the bath when you are clean. For some reason I image the Sakamaki household bath to be all fancy, something like this, heaven knows the game will prove me wrong -

Back to the review. Raito follows you in (still wearing clothing btw) and foces you under the shower. Which he holds in your face. As if that isn't enough the water was freezing. Struggling to get away again you fall over into the bath, which is also still cold. 

Thanks to the cold water and Raito his bullying you lose consciousness. By the time you wake up you are still in the freaking bath, and Raito is teasing you about "all the things he did to you while you were out". Do not want do not want do not want. Anyhow, cue dummy head mic blood sucking.

Raito constantly calls you "bitch-chan". Which started to annoy me after a while. That, and he is fully convinced that you are actually some sort of slut who wants her blood sucked (and more) by as many of the brothers as possible. No idea how you turn out to be in the game, but I'm pretty sure no have no choice in the matter and get sucked dry whether you want it or not.

Out of all the siblings he certainly does treat you the worst. Some people were talking about Raito trying to drown you, but I actually think that wasn't the case. He turns you around in the bath because he wants to bite your back, and in the process pushes you underwater for a few seconds, but nothing more. Doesn't change the fact that he treats you downright awful though.

As much as I like Hirakawa-san I didn't really enjoy this. The combined factors of Raito calling you bitch-chan and treating you like a piece of trash are a bit too much. I've also heard him sounding much sexier in other roles, so that doesn't completely make up for it as well. I suppose if he would show a tiny bit of affection it would make things a lot better.

Wow. I sound amazingly negative hmmm? That isn't really the case, but I'm starting to realize more and more that this series is only for those who can really stomach it.


  1. About time you listened to this! Hahaha j/k ^^* That last statement was true, it really is for people who can take it. I'm not a masochist, but I find them entertaining. Especially the twisted/crazy ones like Raito, Kanato and Reiji. Come to think of it I like Ayato and sort of amused with the a*hole-ness of Shuu too. To be honest the series/story has some drawbacks as well, I just like that it really lives up to its "do-S" concept. Looking forward to your review of the other brothers! ^_^

    1. Haha, I know right? xD

      Ayato I liked, Kanato was above anything scary as hell (and some very impressive acting), and Reiji is my big hope for the moment.

      Maybe I should just give up on any hope for a tiny spark of romance in this series. Personally I liked Subaru a lot because he also had a charming side, which only makes him more dangerous. I was sort of hoping for a bit of that in the others too, but alas.

    2. I believe there will be some sort of romance with the heroine and Ayato. Or I really strongly hope there will be. Or a love triangle with Subaru. Or a love... square? With Shuu hahaha.

      But yeah, up until Shuu was released and even after all the Niconico radio specials, none of them ever ever showed a tiny sliver of pure, genuine concern for Yui orz

  2. I thought you're not going to make Diabolik lovers review again since you had been come. Actually I really waiting you for making this reviews. As I see many people say that raito is the worst from all of them. Actually I'm not really thinking this is really scary but still, I think for people that can't take it's really too much. Even Kanato not this horrible. And about the moment when Raito drop his voice, I was really shock, it's like he changed character. But Hirakawa-san never dispointing. He really into the character. When he laughed, it's really like yandere thing but in crazy way(I think). I think this drama cd just like show the hints or reviews what kind "doS" for each character for the game. So to me, They definitely have a different character in the game later. But that's what I thought. I really anticipate your reviews for Reiji and Shuu. Cause I want to know you thought bout them.

    1. Don't worry I was always planning to review them! But I had really high hopes for this vol (because I love Hirarin too much) so I was kind of scared to actually listened to it.

      In term of scary, I think it is scary in a different way. Raito his abuse is a bit more physical, and you are absolutely right about that laugh *shudders*

      The moment he drops his voice was my favourite moment in the entire CD though. I love Hirarin doing that. And then he forced me under a cold shower (T^T)