Akogare no Situation: Mamoraretai

I usually like to start reviewing a series with the first CD that was released, unfortunately I don't have it (in any way, shape, or form. Meaning neither physically nor digitally) so I'll just start with the one I do have: number 3.

憧れのシチュエーションCD vol.3 守られたいっ

Company: Gakken
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.04.28 (?)

The Akogare no Situation CD series is based on the concept of placing you in a certain situation that you long for/want. (憧れる (akogareru) means "to long for" or "to admire"). That can be being praised, being scolded, and in this case; being protected.

The CD begins with you working overtime. One of your co-workers, Shimizu Souma (CV: Kishio Daisuke), comes back to the office to pick up some documents that he forgot and finds you burried in work that needs to be done by the next morning, so he decides to help you out.

When you've finished you walk to the station together, but thanks to you working too much lately you get unwell. He calls a taxi to bring you home, and eventually ends up taking care of you all night.

The CD is pretty cute. Souma takes good care of you, cooking you something to eat and getting medicine for you. He talks a bit about himself and his family while cooking as well. The most hilarious track in the CD suddenly turns him into the prince in Sleeping Beauty (the explanation is that you are dreaming about him). Especially the angel that explains everything to him, but refuses to speak and uses a whiteboard to communicate is pure gold.

Souma continues talking when you've already falling asleep, revealing that he liked you ever since you came to his department. You were supposed to hand him some documents, and even though he was very late you kept waiting for him. He fell in love with the smile you gave him when he finally showed up.

The actual story is only 5 tracks and about 30min. There are 7 short bonus tracks, which are mostly single sentences from the drama, and a few other ones that weren't used.

If you ask me they could have just as well named the CD 看病されたい(kanbyousaretai , "I want to be nursed") because it doesn't really give me a feeling of being protected. Sure, his words that if there is anything wrong you should just call him and he'll come running are touching, but somehow my image of 'being protected' was slightly different.

What makes this CD brilliant however, is the freetalk where Kishio-san gives the entire situation a different point of view. He thinks Souma is pretty pathetic falling in love with you over that incident, because he sees it completely different: You only waited for him because that was your job, and you probably had to give some explanations with the documents, and the reason you smiled so happily when Souma finally arrived is because you could finally go home (≧▽≦)

According to Kishio-san you probably didn't like Souma at all. Listening to entire CD again in that mindset makes it a completely different story (and makes you feel sorry for poor Souma).

A short, fairly cute, CD that is made twice as brilliant by the freetalk. Fans of Kishio-san should probably listen. For others: the freetalk does make it hilarious, so I do recommend it just for fun.


  1. I've had the akogare situation cd's for a while but never made the time to listen to them! Your review sounds promising.

  2. Hello,

    I found a download of the first & second CD to the Akogare no Situation series if you're interested on airavalky's blog & I really enjoy reading your posts ^_^