Akogare no Situation: Iyasaretai

憧れのシチュエーションCD vol.4 癒されたい

Company: Gakken
Based on: Original
Released: 2012.04.28 (?)

The Akogare no Situation CD series is based on the concept of placing you in a certain situation that you long for/want. (憧れる (akogareru) means "to long for" or "to admire"). That can be being praised, being scolded, and in this case; being 'healed'.*

* 癒される (iyasareru) remains one of the most annoying words that I know to translate. It means 'being cured' or 'being healed' or maybe 'soothing' but more in a mental way. Just imagine the effect that a nest of cute kittens or puppies usually have on people. That kind of happy feeling. I don't know how to describe it otherwise.

The CD beging with you waiting on your boyfriend , Natsuki Kyousuke (CV: Hatano Wataru) in a restaurant somewhere. When he arrives you order something to drink and eat and talk a bit. Because you've both been busy lately he suggests going on a vacation. And so the two of you go somewhere tropical.

Cue a funny scene at the airport, where you are carrying enormous amounts of baggage. Among all of the clothes and beauty stuff you've also packed "Merry-chan", your body pillow in the shape of a cute sheep, because you can't sleep without it. Which causes Kyousuke to be depressed because he can't compare to Merry-chan.

Kyousuke works at a travel company, so he used his contacts to get you a small cottage near the sea. So you've got a small cottage with a living room, a bedroom, and a spacious bathroom and everything. Kyousuke explains about the cottage in some sort of elderly butler voice, which is pretty amusing. Your vacation is exactly like you imagine it, swimming in the ocean, drinking tropical juice, going on boat trips, luxury dinners at the hotel, etc.

Just like before the main drama is followed by a few extra tracks with single sentences from the drama and a few other ones.

The freetalk isn't quite as hilarious as last time, but still fun to listen to. Hatano-san talks about "iyasareru" and that it can be different for everyone. He talks a bit about onsen, and the food you eat after bathing, and how he thought the conversations from families going out for dinner around Christmas were soothing, and how he often cries over (children's) animated movies. With a small side step saying that he wouldn't cry in the theatre because you have to be silent there and that in foreign countries that apparently isn't the case and everyone reacts and laughs at funny moments.

That last part sort of amused me, because I was surprised the other way around. It is indeed completely silent when you watch a movie in Japan. And being used to (softly) making cynical remarks when watching movies with my friends it took quite some restraint to remain silent.

One again not that special, but OK. Listen if you're a fan of Hatano-san, otherwise it nice but nothing special.

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