Key Releases - June

2012.06.06 Nego Danshi Vol.7
2012.06.06 Mobile Suit Gundam Age
2012.06.13 Situation CD Vol.5 - Amaetai
2012.06.13 Abunai ★ Koi no Sousashitsu ~Tanoshii Onsen Ryoukou~
2012.06.14 Fate/Zero Anthology Drama CD 01
2012.06.15 Double Score ~Cosmos~
2012.06.20 Brothers Conflict Character CD Vol.7
2012.06.20 TherapiaVol.02
2012.06.20 Koi Koi Vol.2
2012.06.20 Rui no Masaiban Vol.2
2012.06.20 Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Shirobara no Ouji~
2012.06.22 Eiyuu ni Naritai!!
2012.06.25 Tenshi x Akuma 1
2012.06.27 Koisentai Love& Peace the PSP CD side love
2012.06.27 Animate de kikimashita! Risou Kareshi Vol.1 - Cool type
2012.06.27 Fushigi Koubou Shoukougun Premium 3: Ano hi no yakusoku
2012.06.27 Koisuru Exorcist
2012.06.27 Tsuda Kenjirou Project 925
2012.06.28 Honeymoon Vol.5
2012.06.28 Sakurashou no Petto na Kanojo 
2012.06.28 Les Miserables
2012.06.28 Mukashi Mukashi no Monogatari - Momotarou / Sarukani Gassen
2012.06.29 Barico - Nichiyou Kissa, What a Beautifull Sunday!
2012.06.29 Double Score ~Camellia~
2012.06.29 Issho ni Gohan. a la carte Tama Ranmaru
2012.06.29 Tsukikki! Noroi no Ken ha sabishigariya
2012.06.29 Soine Hitsuji CD Vol.1
2012.06.29 Zoku Toriai Kyoudai Vol.1
2012.06.29 Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series Vol. 23

There are only three CD's that I really want this month. Maybe that is a good thing though. I have a whole pile of stuff that I still need to listen to (>__<)

What are you planning to listen to? Anything important that I missed? Let me know!


  1. Hello, first time commenting here.
    Looking forward to the Zoku Toriai Kyoudai XD ever since I heard the first Toriai Kyoudai.
    Do you have any recommendation for the upcoming release other than the 3 you mentioned??

    1. These three are just the one's that I myself am really interested in.

      But Tenshi x Akuma looks interesting enough, as does Koisuru Exorcist. Honeymoon is very sweet, I just want to catch up on the ones I didn't listen to yet. Double score seems like a hit or miss, depending on how they handled the scenarios. And Hitsuji de Oyasumi is an amazingly cute series, give it a try if you like xD

  2. hitsuji de oyasumi vol23's out already idk why though... I've never heard of leaked drama cds but DL's available now.. anyway, looking forward to toriai kyoudai and soine hitsuji! 0/ and more of your reviews xD

    1. It was on pre-sale during the Honey x Butter Festival, same goes for Zoku Toriai Kyoudai 1 (and Samishinbo CD and Soine Hitsuhi vol.1).

      A lot of CD's tend to be pre-sold during events :)