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Ojisama Senka
The love for ossan characters is really growing, and so the Ojisama Senka series continues! Three more volumes have been anounced, although vol.4 is the only one with a title as of yet: Family Business. You go undercover to investigate a certain organisation, but while you investigate you discover that three of the members are very charming; the broad minded head of the organisation (CV: Ginga Banjou), the distrustful manager (CV: Narita Ken), and the counsellor who seems to see through everything (CV: Uchida Yuuya). Vol.4 is planned for 2012.07.25.

Vol.5 and 6 are planned for 2012.08.29 and 2012.09.26, but no title or cast has been announced yet.

Koisuru Exorcist
EM2 (who are bringing us bathroom entertainment) are handling the dramatization of Koi suru Exorsist, a lightnovel written by the same author as the Hanaoni novels. Kuwashima Houkou, Horie Yui, Sakurai Takahiro, Kaji Yuuki, and Sugita Tomokazu are listed as cast members, and the release is planned for 2012.06.27.

Double score
Details about the next two CD's are up. Marguerite is the CD for Tachibana Ryusei (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou), who takes the heroine out to a concert by the idol Tomu (who just so happens to be Ryusei his little brother). Ryusei comes to pick up the heroine at home, but the door is opened by her roommate Emori Chisato (CV: Suzuki Chihiro), so the two of them talk while waiting for the heroine to come home, Why exactly you are living together with a 31year old freeter is a mystery to me.

In Tulip, the CD for Tomu (CV: KENN) on the other hand, you are on a date with Tomu. Who, after talking a bit to Kirino Souya (CV: Seki Tomokazu) -one of the waiters in the cafe where you are supposed to meet- starts worrying about whether you shouldn't be able to date normally (ie: without hiding the fact that you are dating. The CD's are planned for a 2012.08.14 and 2012.08.31 release.

ps: all the characters in this series seem to be interrelated to such an extend I need to make an overview at some point.

Virus School
A new (well sort of new) series will be on the loose soon: Virus School! Hakketsukyuu Bukatsudou Kiroku ~Kanbyou hen~ (Virus School! White Blood Cell Club Activities Record ~nursing volume~) is a mix between school life and the actual biological immunity system. Exactly how this mix works in still unclear to me. The heroine (you) are secretly a virus, while all of the other characters are part of the immune system.

Kiss x Kiss
And the series still continues!! Which makes it one of the longest series I know of. In fact, I think only Hitsuji de Oyasumi has more volumes (if you count the specials and colaborations, otherwise they are pretty much even). No release date yet, but vol.22 will have Yusa Kouji, vol.23 Okiayu Ryoutarou, and vol.24 Shinozaki Nobunaga. This is the second time for Yusa to be in the series btw, he also did vol.2.

The wedding bells just keep on ringing: in Honeymoon vol.6 you will get your chance to marry Inami Teppei (CV: Shimono Hiro). Teppei is younger than you are, but still very reliable. He works for a large travel company, and takes you to Canada on your honeymoon. The CD is planned for 2012.07.28

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
Animate their pre-order listings show us that there is a third Kindan Kyuuketsuki CD in production. Kindan Kyuuketsuki ~Knight of the Blue Rose~ is listed for 2012.08.15, with Yasumoto Hiroki listed to voice the next vampire.

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