Hiatus is over!

I stay away for a month and blogger changes it's interface... It is now all stylish and very confusing xD

Prepare for one LONG news post. It is not going to be everything that I missed in this month, only the most important bits, but even that is going to be one loooooong list. So one mixed plate of old and new News, coming right up!!

Shuukan Soine:
a special volume, but essentially vol.13 of the Shuukan Soine series will be released on 2012.05.25 and will be voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki. His character is described as someone "embracing you with a lot of love and a big heart". More then anything though, the character design is gorgeous.

Toriai Kyoudai
the series is continuing, but under the name 'zoku toriai kyoudai' (zoku essentially means 'continued'). There isn't much info on the characters yet, but this time Tachibana Shinnosuke and Terashima Takuma will be fighting over our love. Apparently the atmosphere will be slightly different from the previous two CD's, but in what way is unknown.

Soine Hitsuji CD
One of the products of the Honey Bee x Black Butterfly festival is Soine Hitsuji CD, which is a crossover between the two series. 4 volumes have been planned for now, and the first will be released on 2012.06.29. The first one to count us too sleep will be Yasuomi (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou). Animate is being more informative on the other 3 CD's, listing  Fujiwara Keiji, Kishio Daisuke, and Shimono Hiro as the seiyuu for these releases.

Hitsuji de Oyasumi
Besides the spin-off Soine Hitsuji CD, the original Hitsuji de Oyasumi series also gets a new release. Vol. 23 will feature Terashima Takuma and Okamoto Nobuhiko. The description says that "the Hitsuji de Oyasumi series is resurrected for a 3rd season", but I'm unsure whether there will be more releases. Resurrected is the correct term btw, the last release was in 2009!

Samishinbo CD
Honey Bee has a new CD: Samishinbo CD. (Samishinbo means someone who gets lonely). The CD is intended for those who sometimes feel just a little bit lonely, on your way back home, just before you go to bed, etc. Part of the CD will be recorded with the dummy head mic (yay!). The CD is planned for release on 2012.05.25 and will be voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki. I don't know how I feel about that, but more than anything I'm happy that Honey Bee is releasing something not Starry Sky, because even though I love the series, I was a bit sad that they didn't release other stuff anymore.

Time to get hitched again; Honeymoon vol 5 has been confirmed. This time your groom is Sano Eita (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) who will take you to Spain. Eita is described as "manly" and that he loves sports (both playing and watching) but also a bit bashful. Eita is also the first character in the series to be a normal company employee, all in all not someone who I would associate with Yoshino-san his voice, but we'll see.

Double Score
Double Score is an upcoming otome game where every obtainable character is between 29 and 46 (the heroine is 17). The concept of the game is that "age doesn't matter when it comes to love", personally I just think Ossan characters are gaining popularity, but I digress. Flowers seem to feature heavily in the game as well, as all characters are listed with their birth flower and each CD is named after said flower.

Either way, the game is accompanied by 12 situation CD's, each one featuring 2 characters. There are 12 characters in total, so everyone will be featured on 2CDs (a CD will have a 'main' character, and one other character who also appears). There is a 13th character, but I have no idea whether he will be on any of the CD's. Whether older guys are your type or not, the list of seiyuu is amazing: Tachibana Shinnosuke, Toriumi Kousuke, Ookawa Tohru, Hirakawa Daisuke (who voices two characters. Ok so they are twins, but still), Okiayu Ryoutarou, KENN, Hino Satoshi, Nakata Jouji, Fujiwara Keisuke, Seki Tomokazu, Suzuki Chihiro, and Kusao Takeshi. Personally I am only missing Yusa Kouji and Inoue Kazuhiko in this list, but there is still one character who's voice actor isn't announced yet, so they can still slip in one of the two.

Staring 2012.06.15 one CD released every 2 weeks. The PC game is split up into 6 games, each featuring 2 characters. Exactly how this works is unclear to me yet, because for the price they are going at (2500yen for the normal edition) only 2 obtainable characters seems a bit pricey to me.

Kareshi Igai
A Kareshi Igai spinoff drama CD is to be released on 2012.07.27. Takano (from Kareshi Igai 1) and Makabe (from Kareshi Igai 2) work at the same company. Makabe is the perfect human that everybody loves, and Makabe secretly wants to surpass him. 6 months after Makabe suddenly began to change, he is getting married, at this CD is set at the wedding day.... Of course Ishida Akira and Yusa Kouji reprise their roles, but Kuroda Takaya, Tokita Munehiro, Shirokuma Hiroshi, Kibe Shouta, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Iwai Satoshi(?) are confirmed as well.

Kannou Jikan
Hituzigumo continues to torture me and please others by releasing another Kannou Jikan. Kannou Jikan 8 ~Shisha no Hon, arui wa Jackal no Tenpin~ (Kannou Jikan 8 ~The Book of the Dead, or the scales of the Jackal~). It seems to be Egyptian themed, so the title is referring to the Book of the Dead and I'm assuming that "the scales of the jackal" are referring to the scales used by Anubis to measure the heart. Either way, the CD will be voiced by Terashima Takuma, and is planned for release on 2012.07.13.

Shinobazu Seven
Meanwhile, Hituzigumo are teasing a "game and situation CD project" that has a wacky promotion video featuring the characters from Amemakura. The official site only shows the trailer at the moment, but I am seriously wondering what this is going to be.

Otogi Zoushi
獣神空想御伽草子 is the actual title, but until I find out how you actually read that, I'll just refer to this series as Otogi Zoushi (the reading of the last 4 kanji, it means "fairytale book"). The series is based on new(?) fairytales from the perspective of (personified) animals. Three volumes have been planned for now. Vol.1 featuring a rabbit (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) and a wolf (CV: Sugita Tomokazu), Vol.2 featuring a cat (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) and a canary bird (CV: Sakurai Takehiro), and vol.3 featuring a dragon (CV: Yusa Kouji) and a tiger (CV: Ono Daisuke).

Hirarin and Sakurai in one CD means one very interested me. I also had to laugh when I saw that Sakurai was voicing a canary (he voices the character Kanaria in "Kiri - the route of infection KANARIA").

Penguin Enishi
Two more CD;s are planned for release. Vol.2 "Shoujou Kamikakushi" and what seems to be a side story titled "Ekimae Kouban Nikki, Botamochi Dorobou" are both planned for a 2012.05.25 release. While Shoujou Kamukashi continues the story, the other one is a side story with Miki, Tane, and Ten. Nakata Jouji isn't listed as cast, but with Enishi on the cover we can probably all guess who the mochi thief from the title is....

Anata ga ofuro de noboseru
Well... vol.3 has already been released, so I missed the chance to post the gorgeous cover, but just for the record, vol.3 is based on Misasa Onsen and voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke. Vol.4 (cover on the right) will be based on Sukayu Onsen, and will be voiced by Namikawa Daisuke. Vol.4 will be released on 2012.05.30

The cast for vol.2 has been announced: the fabric softener therapia will be voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke, and our sallad dressing by Yoshino Hiroyuki. The cover for vol.2 was also shown on the official site, it is the picture to the right/ Vol.2 will be released on 2012.06.20

Tenshi x Akuma
Frontierworks is releasing a new series, called Tenshi x Akuma (angels x demons), but no details or official site yet. Stellaworth gives us a little more info, explaining that it is a comedie story revolving around 7 angels and 7 demons, and listing several of the characters: Michael (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), Lucifer (CV: Nakai Kazuya), Gabriel (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). The first CD is planned for 2012.06.25

Even though the main story has ended, new released are planned for Barico. "Suiyoubi no chocolate" is an episode that takes place after the ending, and "Nichiyou Kissa - what a beautiful sunday!" is a more comical episode about a Sunday at the Barico Cafe. Both are planned for a 2012.06.29 release.

Fushigi Koubou Shoukougun
Premium 3 will be released on 2012.05.23. It seems like the series has switched to using female seiyuu, this one will be voiced by Satou Satomi. The title is "yumemiru shoujou ha sora wo tobu" ("dreaming girls take flight"(?) and the story summary describes a short scene in which a girl catches a chalk piece that was thrown at her by her teacher, and throws it right back, before dashing out of the classroom.... Apparently the protagonist of the story is 'trapped between reality and her imagination'.

The CD will also be available on the (Japanese) iTunes store, and part of the sales from this CD will be donated to the red cross, to help victims of the Sendai Earthquake.

Persona 4
The anime version of Persona 4 (which is based on the game) is getting drama CD adaptions. I'm uncertain whether the drama CD's are serious or more humorous, but two of them are planned for release on 2012.06.20 and 2012.08.22.

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
It is vampire season this year. A second vol of Kindan Kyuuketsuki has been announced. This time your classic aristocrat vampire will be voiced by Shimono Hiro. And this time you are apparently kidnapped to the vampire his castle...

I missed my chance to report when vol.2 was going to be released, but Meganebu 2 was released on 2012.04.01. Meanwhile I still have to listen to glasses paradise Meganebu 01.

Tap Trap Love
The tap-dancing series continues, vol.2 is planned for a 2012.05.23 release, and Ookawa Genki will join the cast as a quest member. The title for the CD is "Crown" (according to the official site) 0r "Clown" (according to various other sources)

Momo & Grapes
Momogre is releasing a new entry in their mystery series: Yaneura no Sanposha. This is a story written by Edogawa Ranpo, in English it is known as Walker in the Attic if I'm not mistaken. The CD is planned for release on 2012.05.03

Detective Conan
I hadn't heard of a Detective Conan Drama CD before, but here it is. Shounentanteidan kara no chousenjou! (The challenge written by the Junior Detective League) is a story that revolves around Conan and his friends. For some reason his friends team up with Kaito Kid and challenge Conan, who has to crack a code in time or....?!

(Yes I know, if you don't know the series this description makes no sense, but in that case you should go and watch/read it, because it is one of the most entertaining detective series there is. It is also one of the longest series I know)

Yandere Heaven Black
I know that this has no place on a non-BL blog, and that it is already old news, but another Yandere Heaven Black 2 will be released. This time Higuchi Ritsu (CV: Kanbara Daichi) is cornered by the student he tutors, Nakatomi Sena (CV: Shimono Hiro) and his guardian , Nakatomi Yoshihiro (CV: Narita Ken).


  1. Maybe not very appropriate to greet you since this is yours but, welcome back! \(^.^)/
    Thank you for these news. The year started with lots of exciting releases and more to come!

  2. Okaeri~
    Nice to see you back in your full glory ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

    Ah now I get what the Samishinbo CD is about! The font on their website is so fuzzy that I didn't want to read it.
    I'm really looking forward to the 13th volume of Shukan Soine and the collaboration series of honeybee & blackbutterfly.
    Yeah it's nice too see something else besides Starry Sky, but when I'm not mistaken they still want to continue Sta☆Sky. (Their blog says it)
    Kannou Jikan gets another volume =( ̄□ ̄;)⇒ The original idea is really interesting but how it turned out... I'm still tempting whether I listen to Hirakawa's volume or not... I couldn't even listen to the whole 2nd and 3rd volume.

  3. Welcome Back! You touched on a number of series I have on my wish list for the next few months and a few I wasn't aware of. Thank you! Have you listened to any of the onsen drama cd's? I'm curious what happens in them, I love the character designs and the seiyuu they've had..

    1. I haven't listened to any of the onsen CD's yet, definitely planning to do so though! The character designs are to die for, and I'm a big sucker for pretty art.

  4. I've been waiting for your return! Lol! Can't wait for your reviews! >.<

  5. Welcome back!

    You've touched on a lot of series I didn't know existed! Haha. I am looking forward to Zoku Toriai Kyoudai and Soine Hitsuji. The art for that is so pretty. ^___^

  6. cmiiw, but isn't yandere heaven black 2 not voiced by Hino Satoshi but Shimono Hiro?

    1. You are absolutely right, I need to stop confusing their names (not even sure why I do that(T-T)

      Anyway, thanks for pointing out the mistake, it is fixed now (^-^;;)