Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito ~Futari no Osananajimi ni Kokuhakusareta~

雪白学園のゆかいな人々 双子の幼なじみに告白されました

Company: Mujina
Based on: Original
Released: 2010.11.10
Official Site: http://mujina.kkjinnai.co.jp/index.html

Yukishiro Gakuen no Yukai na Hitobito is a series of drama CD's, loosely connected by taking place at the same school and some recurring characters. This time the story is about the heroine (meaning the listener) being confessed two by her two childhood friends. Who just happen to be twins. Both of them are voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa

The twins in question are Nakatani Kyou (the older one), and Niko (the younger one). While they look similar they, of course, have completely different personalities. Kyou is good at studying, a member of the kendo club, calm, and kind. While Niko doesn't like studying, works part-time as a model, tends to speak before he thinks, and is therefore often very blunt.

The CD doesn't start with you suddenly being confessed to though. It actually starts with Niko just being dumped by yet another girlfriend because "he was different than she thought". The heroine and Kyou listen to his complaints, when Kyou notices that she doesn't feel well and asks whether she wants to go to the infirmary. Niko of course completely misses the point.

When Niko once again is going on about how unpopular you are, you get incredibly angry. It turns out that you just confessed to a senpai that you liked, but were turned down pretty harsh. And so your childhood friends decide to take revenge for you. (It is pretty amazing that the normally calm Kyou agrees to solve things with violence).

The next day you refuse to go to school, so both them try to get you out of bed in their own way. Niko is obviously trying to cheer you up, but fails to do so horribly thanks to his aweful wording. When he ultimately fails to drag you out of your room, it is Kyou his turn to try. Of course he simply talks to you in a calm and kind manner, even telling you that you don't have to go today, and manages to get you to go to school.

While walking home with you some days later, Niko -more in the spur of the moment- confesses his love to you. Of course, you are confused and don't know what to answer. When Kyou hears this he gets angry, after all he never confessed to you because he was afraid of changing the relationship between the three of you. But now that Niko has confessed, he does so too.

The last three tracks are the different endings, one where Niko becomes your boyfriend, one for Kyou, and one where the three of you remain friends (and they both try to prove they are the best choice). All three of them are different versions of you going -or not going- to a summer festival. In Nico his track you remain ate home playing games, in Kyou his version you visit the festival together, and in the 3P version all three of you go to the festival.

This is the first more serious CD in this series. You could argue that the second one (Dogeza-sensei) was taking the serious route as well, except that his constant dogeza actions can't really be taken serious. The first one was just awesome crack.

I liked that there is actually some sort of a story leading up to the confessions. You are not just confessed to out of the blue, but more than half of the CD is actually leading up to the confessions. This sort of makes you familiar with the setting. It was also fun to hear that the heroine is more of a tomboy.

While I found Niko more annoying in the first part of the CD, I liked his boyfriend track more than Kyou's. Kyou is the perfect boyfriend, he just doesn't know how to express his feelings too well, but that also makes him a bit boring. Niko was more fun, although I'm pretty sure I would get annoyed at his personality after a while (but in the CD, it is OK).

The 3P ending was more humorous than the rest of the CD. Kyou and Niko are mostly arguing among themselves over you, while you act all oblivious and simply enjoy the festival. The moment where they both try to change their character is brilliant though, it is an overload of sweet words.

Masao once again makes an appearance, this time working in the school shop, and acting like a gossiping middle aged woman. No-one even remarks on him being normal xD

I both like the way your friendship worked before the confessions, and the dates afterwards. You are obviously note used to being a couple yet, and that is kind of cute to hear. Personally I like the crack in the earlier CD's better, but this proves that Mujina does a good job at making more serious ones as well.

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