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Why hello there! We have a new theme since a few days. It might be tweaked a little further but for now I've settled on this. First one to guess where the lace on the right side of the top image comes from gets a virtual cookie

The official site has updated and we now have some more info on Sleepx2. Judging by the description it will be a CD that actually intends to make you fall asleep. The CD will make use of hypnosis to make you fall asleep. It even as an official warning saying that you shouldn't listen to it while driving or on the train, and that it is not a CD full of sweet whisperings.

I already tend to fall asleep while listening to things (Kannou Jikan I, the Shuukan Soine CD's, and just this week  even managed to fall asleep to Diabolik lovers) so I'm guessing this will have me out in 5 minutes flat.

Two of Us
As the official site is more like a teaser site at the moment I don't know much about this project, but somewhere this summer Two of Us will be released. According to the official site it is a bittersweet and sad love story about a voice actor and a girl that cannot speak. The site also mentions that this will be "the first release in the series" so I'm guessing they are planning more releases?

Kindan Kyuuketsuki
Looks like Kindan Kyuuketsuki will have some sort of a plot (as opposed to a certain sadistic vampire series). The tracklist also helps me get a proper romanization for the duke his name: Maximilian von Weiseheldenburg (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou).

The CD will have 16 tracks + a free talk and theme song. The tracks have been divided into 4 chapters: Der Anfang der Geschichte (The beginning of the story), Die Einladung zu Weiseheldenburg (The invitation to Weiseheldenburg [Castle]), Wahres und falsches Bild des Herzogs (True and false image of the duke), Die Fange des Vampirs (The fang of the vampire).

As far as I can judge their german is pretty decent, I just hope they won't use it too much in the CD. I love the title for the freetalk btw: Leeres Geschwatz, which translates to something like "empty chatter", in other words, talking nonsense.

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