Kannou Mukashi Banashi Vol.4 - Grimm Fairytales

官能昔話4 グリム童話

Company: 5pb records
Based on: Grimm Fairytales
Released: 2009.11.26
Official Site: http://5pb.jp/kannou/index.html

Kannou Mukashi Banashi is a series that tells well know tales in a... slightly different way. Each volume contains several stories, all done by a different seiyuu. The series the dummy head microphone, which can make it sound as if someone is talking into your ear (when listening with headphones or earphones). And in this series they have made sure that the seiyuu talk very eroi.

As always the CD starts with an introduction by Inoue Kazuhiko, who explains how the CD works and instructs you to put on your head- or earphones in some very suggestive wording. The setting for this CD is a circus. I somehow find the music for that very creepy...

The first story is that of the Frog Prince and is told by Ishida Akira. The story is pretty well known so I don't think it needs much of an introduction. Contrary to versions where the princess has to kiss the frog for him to turns into a prince again, the frog has to sleep in her bed 3 nights in this version. The croaky voice of the frog and the descriptions of his wet skin crawling up the princess her legs were enough to make me run away screaming. Luckily he does change into a proper prince in the end.

The second story is Hansel and Gretel told by Toriumi Kousuke. Although I should probably name it Hansel x Gretel for this version. Ignoring the fact that they are siblings, this is an incredibly eroi story. There are some sentences in the scene where they are eating from the candy house that made me blush like an idiot. I've lately gotten used to Toriumi-san as a mature sexy character, but this was a reminder that he can pull of a convincing shota as well.

The third story is Rapunzel and is told by Hatano Wataru. Of all the stories I liked this one best. Hatano is witch is scary, but is prince voice is pure moeeee. It is also a pretty straight forward story, the only one I remember actually saying something about undressing someone, haha.

The final story is Little Red Riding Hood, and is told by all seiyuu. This story is pretty much fateful to the original. The story isn't too special but Ishida is a very cute Red Riding Hood here, I kept being amazed by it. Especially just before he is eaten. So. Cute. (I was so amazed by his voice that I almost only paid attention to that).

I knew all of these stories and I think most of them are pretty good adaptions. The first one sort of freaked me out due to the frog his voice though *shudders*. Shota's are not my thing so despite the ero and everything in Hansel x Gretel I don't really like it. Rapunzel on the other hand, I adore!! Red Riding Hood was simply just fun to listen to. As well as voice technically interesting.

To be quite honest, I think I like this vol least of all Kannou Mukashi Banashi CD's. But a lot of that has to do with personal taste. And even if I say I like this one least, it is still a very good CD. As always. And I think Ishida should play more girls. Yeah...

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