Nego Danshi Vol.1 & 2

ね語男子 其の一   ね語男子 其の二

Company: Wavemaster Happies
Based on: Cats
Released: 2012.01.18

Nego Danshi is a series about cats. Or more accurately, it shows of scenes out of the life of a cat, from the perspective of that cat. Or put more simply: Nego Danshi has seiyuu acting like cats.

Each CD has 4 different tracks, 3 of them depicting 3 different cats and an extra. This time the characters are a 'lone wolf', a cute cat, and a cat in his last moments.

The first track has the memorable lines "I'm a lone wolf. Though I look like a cat". It is a track about a lone cat in the city. He starts out all cool, but then a group of high school girls and some kids with a toy get the better of him. In the beginning there is no ~nya or anything catlike, but just wait until they start to pet him.

The second track is about a cute cat that spends his days sleeping and is hungry when his master gets back. The entire scene where he chases a mouse is so incredibly cute (and funny). Somehow I really hope this is what a cat is thinking when it chases something.

The third track is a true tearjerker though. It is about a cat in his final moments, reliving a few memories, and finally crawling unto your lap too fall asleep forever. Even though the atmosphere was very light and funny before, this track nearly had me crying.

The extra sounds like the seiyuu finishing the recording, and then after they exit the building they meet a cat and... magically turn into one. Hilarity ensues.

All of the scenes are nicely written. I have no idea what cats normally think, and I doubt that this is what they think, but it is a lot of fun (and in case of track 3, touching) to listen to.

The interesting thing here is that, except for the extra, both CD's have the same scenario. Even though the track titles for track one and two are different, the story is the same. The difference between the two CD's is how the seiyuu have interpreted or acted out certain their roles.

This confused the hell out of me in the beginning. Somehow their voices were similar enough to make me doubt whether there was some sort of mistake (several people will now shoot me for not being able to hear the difference after the first second. Go ahead, you have all rights to do so). I like both versions, but the third track was more touching in the Shimono version.

When saw this I was sceptical but decided to give it a try, but listening to this has me convinced: this is going to be one fun series and I hope it never ends. There is something incredibly funny about cats. Or maybe just about seiyuu saying ~nya all the time. But somehow I would have hoped that they would have different scenario's, instead of the same ones. I really hope the other ones have a different scenario though...

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  1. (;A;)

    ...I kind of shed a tear on the third track. It was really touching.

    This is an interesting series for me; the tracks were a nice take on a cat's life. I liked the first CD better than the second, but that's likely because I'm more of a Shimono fan :)

    Will be anticipating Nontan's version on this (I'm already imagining a Masamunya performance)~