Moegaku ~Moe Koi Gakuen Seitokai Shikoubu~


Company: Kuchikomi & Toukou Magazine
Based on: Parody work
Released: 2011.05

This CD was available through the Kuchikomi and Toukou Magazine. Despite the similar titles, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Moe Koi drama CD's from the same magazine. Well except for both being parodies, and Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke appearing in both of them.

The setting is the Moe Koi School. Up until now it was an all girls school, but recently it opened up to guys as well. There are still only a few guys, and there is a visible gap between the boys and girls. Many of the girls don't know how to deal with the boys.

Our main characters are all members of the student council: the incredibly narcissistic Senzaiin Rihito (CV: Fukuyama Jun),  his personal butler and secretary Ichinomiya Banri (CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa), the vice president Momose Kakeru (CV: Ono Daisuke) and the accountant Togashi Yayoi (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi).

Rihito finds a love letter in the student council question box. The letter has no sender, nor an addressee, but Rihito is convince that it is intended for him. In order to draw out the sender, he organizes the "summer communication festival" (shortened to "natsucomi") under the pretence he wants to improve the communication between the boys and the girls in the school. Meanwhile, Kakeru also thinks the letter is intended for him, and Yayoi -due to a misunderstanding- thinks it is a letter from Kakeru to him.

For the festival, all the girls are given special bows and arrows (made by the ridiculously influential and rich company that is owned by Rihito his family) which they have to use to try and shoot the guys in the student council. If the guys are hit, they have to grant the wish (any wish) of the one who shot them. The arrows are made so that they don't hurt anyone, but none the less Kakeru delivers a spectacularly cliché death scene when he is first hit.

Of course the wishes are full of fanservice. From Kakeru having to say sweet lines -or scold someone-, to Yayoi wearing nekomimi and saying "~nya", or even Banri stripping naked, to all of them being involved in a weird fairytal play in which Rihito tries to kiss them, fanservice all over the place. And while the girls are trying to catch Yayoi and Kakeru, they in turn try to find Rihito and the love letter.

When all of the chaos from the festival is over, a girl comes to the student council room to say who the letter was intended for. Each character gets a sepparate "love message" track in which they are they one that receives the letter. Especially Banri (who normally acts as Rihito his perfect butler) his track is very cute.

Of course this is a parody work, so expect many references to popular series. Some of the most blatant ones are Maria-sama ga Miteru and One Piece (look a flying pirate ship!!) but there are many more works and clichés referenced. But more than anything it is a hilarious story that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Despite Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke both being in both this drama and the "Moe Koi" series, the story and the characters they play haveabsolutely nothing to do with each other.

Perhaps just as funny as the drama is the exceptionally long cast talk (it is 20min, for a normal cast talk that is long). Each of the seiyuu answer a few questions: "What if they were the only guy in an all girls school" "If they were a girl, which character would they want to confess to them", "What do you want someone to say when they confess to you", and finally "What type of girl do you want to confess to you". OnoD his answer for the last two questions was hilarious: "doesn't matter. I want someone to confess to me". And that while the others have proper (and long) answers xD

ps: the booklet has a really cute short comic about how the recording went. Especially the drawing of Kamiya losing a part of the script was so cute!!

This is a hilariously over the top parody, and completely successful in doing what it should do: making you laugh. Cute moments, funny moments, sweet moments, hilarity, chaos, fanservice, it is all there. If you liked Moe Koi you should absolutely listen to this. Or in reverse, if you like this one you should listen to those as well!

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