Moe Koi


Company: Kuchikomi & Toukou Magazine
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.09.08

Moe Koi is based on all kinds of things otaku. Komine Kouki (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) and Higuchi Touya (CV: Ono Daisuke) have both fallen for you. Touya has the advantage in that you both like anime, manga, and doujinshi, but Kouki simply fell for you at first sight and gets dragged into the otaku world. The CD was released as an extra with the October edition of the Kuchikomi & Toukou Magazine.

The CD starts with the three of you going to a doujinshi event, although you basically get sepparated as soon as it starts so Kouki and Touya end up walking around the event site together. Of course Kouki doesn't know the first thing about doujinshi so Touya explains it all to him.

After that are two tracks on which you go on a date with one of the two. On Kouki his date you go to Otome Road where he patiently waits until you are done doujin shopping and to a neko cafe (where he says some really sweet lines but you are to distracted by a cat to listen). On your date with Touya you visit a shop that sells supplies to draw manga and you go to Akiba. The tsundere maid at the end of the track was priceless.

Next up is a scene with the three of you together again. You are making a doujinshi to sell on an upcoming event, however it doesn't look like you are going to make the deadline so the two of them come to help (with Kouki hilariously misinterpreting the situation at first). When you start to fall asleep in the middle of the night Kouki tries to keep you awake by telling a doujinshi centred horror story, however you still fall asleep and don't listen to it. All turns out well in the end though, and to show your feelings of appreciation for Kouki his help you force him into a handmade maid outfit.

Both characters also get a short confession scene where they confess their love to you. Both are pretty cute. And full of moe, obviously.

Honestly, this CD is gold. It has so many funny moments. And the seiyuu seem to really have fun while recording this (especially OnoD). It is a bit surprising that Kouki is willing to go to otome road with you, but we'll just see it as proof that his love for you is so strong that he is willing to go shopping for BL doujinshi with you. Not to mention that both of them actually help you draw a BL manga, but hey.

I can't really choose between either of the two characters. Kouki is funny because he is trying his best while knowing absolutely nothing about the doujin world, while Touya has a light and flirty air about him. He is obviously a complete otaku, but says all kinds of moe lines in the process.

In the free talk OnoD is still having far to much fun, constantly saying 'koi! koi!'. They both talk about what they were really into during high school (OnoD = soccer, Kamiya Hiroshi = manga's by Takahashi Rumiko). To decide who can do the message to the listeners first they actually do rock-paper-scissors xD And I have no idea what is going on there in the end. Is that Kamiya-san really sneezing? or covering up a laugh? WTH xDDD

This drama CD was so much fun. Especially OnoD his acting was a lot of fun to listen to. All the jokes with anime/manga/doujin make it so much fun to listen to. Kouki being a noob in the world of doujin might be nothing but  a convenient plot device, but they played it well. If you are in for a laugh, or just want to hear Kamiya-san say "okaerinasaimase, goshujin-sama" you should really listen to this.

ps: I'm really sorry I can't find a good quality cover scan ( ;__ ;)


  1. ASDFGHJKL the question is now, where can I get this Drama CD now (CD Japan doesn't have it anymore), but for now, TUMBLR IS MY FRIEND.


    Thanks for reviewing~

  2. Hahaha, I know right?! I want friends like that too xD

    Yeah... this drama CD, or actually all of the CDs released with this magazine are a bit rare. There is at least one other Moe Koi drama, and several drama's with similar titles. And I want theeeeeem T-T