Danna Catalogue vol.04

 旦那カタログ vol.4 特集:ナルシスト旦那様orクール旦那様

Company: Honey Bee
Based on: Original
Released: 2009.04.24
Official site: http://www.honeybee-cd.com/master_top.html

Danna Catalogue is a series that lets you choose a husband and experience a few moments of married life. Each vol has two characters that are usually the opposite of each other personality wise. This time we have a narcissist soccer player, and a cool doctor.

Mitsuru (CV: Hoshi Souichirou) is the first he is a star soccer player and quite the narcissist, always wondering about what to wear and whether he looks cool. But he loves you a lot, and calls you 'hime' (princess). He proposes to you in front of a full stadium after a match.

Two of your most important jobs seem to be picking his outfits, and cooking for him. Not in a bad way, Mitsuru is always cheerful, and is truly happy about everything you do for him. He is happy about being popular with his fans, but you are his one and only special princess.

Your husband being admired by everyone is one of the theme's of this CD in fact. Together with going on a trip. With Mitsuru you go to Italy, on a two year late honeymoon. Unfortunately there is only one track dedicated to this. If you're going all the way to Italy they could at least have dedicated two or three tracks to it. The best track in my opion is the one where Mitsuru uses a washing machine for the first time in his life. He sounds like a little kid and is all fascinated by it.

Jun (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) is a complete opposite. He is calm and cool, but most definitely thinks of you as a very special person. His marriage proposal is also completely opposite. When you tell him you soon have to renew your rental contract, he simply says you should come and live with him. As his wife. Maybe not very romantic but very smooth. But it is very cute that he sounds so relieved after you agreed (and that he was already carrying around the ring for a while so that he could propose to at any time).

Because Jun is described as cool I also expected him to be a bit cold, but that is not at all the case. It might be true that he doesn't seem like a very emotional person, but he is always sweet. Probably even more than usual in the track where he comes back slightly drunk. Contrary to last time, I actually did like that track this time.

Jun actually has quite a lot of precious tracks actually. For example the one where he tries to cook dinner for you, and he having trouble deciphering the cookbook. The cutest one however is probably the one where he tells you that he has a problem with how you sleep, namely that you tend to sleep with you back towards him and that he would like you to face him while you sleep. Cutest moment in the entire series as of yet, haha.

ps: you never hear this in the CD, but apparently you were a patient in the hospital where Jun works, and you grew close while he was taking care of you. On the day you were released from the hospital he confessed to you. Awww.

I'm having a hard time deciding who I like most here, but probably Jun. What can I say, as much as I like someone who can act a bit crazy at times, a cool boyfriend is still the best (*゚∇^*)

I liked this CD a lot. Mitsuru was a lot of fun, and Jun is the kind of cool but caring type that all girls dream of at times. So far, this is my favourite CD in the series.


  1. This is my favourite cd for this series as well ^^ your review helped me understand the jun tracs better. thanks!
    PS. I've actually been waiting for this. keep up the good work! :D

  2. I told you Jun is the sweetest! ^w^
    I love when he kisses you like every seconds xDD
    I didn't know about the extra thingy! That looks like a nice otome game setting for me ;3

  3. You were totally right with Jun :D

    All of the characters have amazingly long description on the official site, giving a lot of information on how you met/started dating/etc. It's a bit of a shame that most of it never makes it into the CD's....