Karekoe ~Katei Kyoushi no Kare~


Company: Fluffy Bunny
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.07.21

Karekoe is a CD where your boyfriend gives you a phone call, so almost the entire CD is consist of phone calls. This second CD was released more than a year after the first, and this time Taniyama Kisho is your tutor. You've got a cold and he calls to check whether you are ok.

The CD begins when he calls you to ask whether you are OK, after receiving a message from your mother that he doesn't need to come today because you've got a cold. It soon turns out that you're energetic enough to talk with him, and you convince him to keep talking you for a while.

While generally acting cold and refusing all kinds of things, he eventually answers all of your questions, and even promises that you can come visit his room when you manage to get a full score on three of your tests. Sounds like you are quite a pushy girl.

After the main scenario there are a few other short ones. Two where you are visiting his house (you managed to get those full scores, apparently) and short phone calls for your birthday, Christmas, New Year, and finally a love confession.

Personality wise, he is a prototype tsundere. Always acting cold and refusing your advances, while he actually likes you a lot (granted, he is your tutor so he isn't really allowed to show interest in you as well). The confession scene is predictable, but somehow cute none the less.

Compared to the first one this CD has matured a lot. Instead of only the main scenario, there are a few short scenes this time as well, and a cast comment. The setting is very different of course. In the first CD you were living together with your boyfriend, while this time you are not yet officially dating.

The cast comment is very funny btw. It starts with Taniyama-san saying that he imagined the girl on the other side of the line to be incredibly cute, after which he starts to rattle on about having a cold and a story from when he had a cold a few years back. (and I mean rattle, he talks very fast).

Whether you like the setting more or less than the first CD is probably personal, but I think they improved a lot. The conversation already felt natural in the first CD and that is still the case, but I personally really like that they added a few short scenes as well.

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  1. Just finished listening to this. It was a nice listen~

    I don't know why, but I kind of...melted...hearing the Happy Birthday track. (^_^)