Honeymoon vol.1: Hanamori Yuuto

Honeymoon vol.1 花森優人 

Company: Fortissimo
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.11.28
Official Site: http://www.otome-ff.jp/work/work07.html

In they Honeymoon series you go, well... on your honeymoon. Starting from the proposal to the day of your wedding, the entire honeymoon and finally your return home, everything is there. Your groom in this first CD is Hanamori Yuuto (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) who works as a flower arranger.

The setting is that you and Yuuto both have watching movies as a hobby, and it is during that you are watching a movie together at home that he proposes to you. The wedding scene is fairly short, it just has Yuuto commenting on how pretty you are and giving you a wedding bouquet that he made for you himself. Because the wedding was actually mentioned as a scene in various (official) descriptions I expected something a bit longer, but then again if that were the case the series would have probably been named 'Wedding' instead of 'Honeymoon'.

After that comes your honeymoon. Because you admire Italy from all of the films you have seen together you go there. In order you visit Milan, Verona, Venezia, Florance, and Rome. Of course you visit all kinds of famous places while you are there. Yuuto apparently learned a bit of Italian for this trip. Luckily they didn't make Hirakawa-san speak Italian (I seriously feared for that) but his does say "Scusi" and "Grazie"a few times. Especially when he says the first he sounds so cute!!

Speaking of cute, Yuuto has a very sweet personality. Despite that he is by no means a doormat. He has thought of and arranged almost everything, and he loves to tease you a little bit. I suppose you could describe him as gentle and caring? Which matches with the concept of him being a flower arranger.

Overall, the CD is simply extremely sweet (Hirakawa-san himself actually remarks on this is the cast comment). No chance to insert sweet lines, or words, or actions is left untouched. Although there is a bit of humour in some places, like Yuuto wanting to 'consume' your first honeymoon night but you simply fall asleep because you are so tired from the flight xD When he actually does get to this point later on even that scene is extremely sweet though.

This is probably the sweetest honeymoon ever. To the point where it almost becomes a bit too much, but I suppose that when you are just married and living on a pink cloud of happiness this is sort of what your world looks like. Still, I hope vol.2 will be a bit less sweet.

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  1. Hi!! I'm new here.

    I've just listened to honeymoon drama cd and it is very sweetttttt like you said XD I couldn't stop giggle with myself lol

    I really love your blog.thanks for reviewing drama cd for us!! (it helps me a lot because I can't understand that much Japanese :)))