Osananajimi no Kare ~Kuro Route~

幼馴染の彼 黒ルート

Company: Stellaworth
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.10.01

This is an original CD by Stellaworth (a webshop for everything otome) so only available through their own shop. Osananajimi no Kare (Osananajimi is a chilhood friend) are two CDs that start the same but take a different turn. In the 'white' route everything is cute and sweet, while in the 'black' route he turns quite jealous...

...and stalker-ish. Just like in the white route you meet your childhood friend on your way home and you decide go home together (he is still your neighbour after all). Only this time you decide to answer the phone call you get. It turns out that it was a call from someone in your circle at university (a circle is a group of people that are involved in a certain activity. In this case, you've joined a travelling circle, ie, one that organizes all kinds of trips). The guy who called you invited you to a bbq the next day. But that means you can't go on a date with your childhood friend. No worries though, he simply invites you to his room that evening.

still, no sign of a darker side though. He seems exactly the same like in the white route. Ok, this time he takes out the letters you wrote as a child to tease you, but it is just teasing. While you try to snatch the letters away from him the two of you fall over on the bed, and just when he tries to say something important you are once again interrupted by a phone call.

And that is where things go wrong. It turns out that he knows exactly what you buy at the convenience store every morning when you go to school, and has pictures of you on the train, at college, while shopping... turns out his love has become quite obsessive. He even becomes rather possessive, not wanting to let you leave, but you manage to get away unharmed.

The next day however he phones you. It starts as a normal apology, but after that it turns obsessive again, and when you try to cut he just keeps and keeps calling. And when you come back from doing the groceries the day after that he suddenly turns up in your room. You think it safe to drink tea with him but that wasn't the best decision as it turns out...

At one point I was wondering how this was going to turn into a 'black' route. In the beginning he seemed to be exactly the same after all, but after the switch there was no doubt about it being the black route. Yandere.... all the way. And it doesn't end well. Still no very explicit descriptions, but there is no fade out, you get to live through all of it.

What I found particularity confronting is how his personality switches. He starts normal of course, but when he turns yandere he doesn't remain 'full yandere' all the time. At times he suddenly retreats and apologizes, only to go yandere again and make things even worse. I'm used to characters being evil, but this kind of emotional instability does a good job of getting you scared.

While the white route is completely cute and recommended for everyone, this should probably be treated with a little more caution. If you're not into yandere you might want to stay away from it. No, if your not into yandere you should stay away from it. In fact, it is probably as bad as Yandere Heaven, and that is saying something. For me on the other hand, this was a nice surprise.


  1. I listened to both route and I must admit I really like ~BLACK ROUTE~ more than ~WHITE ROUTE~ because everything that has something to do with yandere piqued me lol

    I sound like DO M XDD;;

    Hino Satoshi is becoming famous with his "yandere voice" in every otome game no that I'm complaining ///

    the last track got me lol even though I kinda expect it but his voice is just hnnnng.

  2. If you are Do M then so am I xD

    The last track sort of surprised me actually. I dunno why but I somehow expected them to do a fairly 'good' ending. Like a "he is really stalker-ish at times but he truly loves you so lets just forget all that and live happily ever after" kind of ending. But they kept the yandere right till the end :')

    Me and my twisted love for yandere...

  3. hey i want to ask. are you guys buy or download?
    because i search for the download for both of the route, i didnt find. please tell me.

  4. *cough*download*cough*

    It is all over the place, you just need to know where to look.