Hoka Hoka Tsundere Onsen


Company: Fluffy Bunny
Based on: Original
Released: 2011.08.25

In Hoka Hoka Tsundere Onsen your boyfriend takes you on a midweek trip to an onsen. From the journey in the train to arriving at the ryokan, to buying souvenirs, and the actual onsen visit, everything is there. And of course, as the title implies your boyfriend is a tsundere.

The CD starts while you are in the train. Your boyfriend (CV: Takahashi Hiroki) got a chance to take a few days off so the two of you go on a midweek onsen trip. He manages to use the tsundere catchphrase 'kanchigai shinaide yo' (don't misunderstand me/ don't get me wrong) within one minute. Bonus points for that one xD

Each track of the CD depicts a different scene in our trip; arriving at the hotel, sight seeing, buying souvenirs, dinner, the onsen, and when you go to bed, to finally the day after when you ride the train back home. Each scene by itself is pretty short, but surprisingly it doesn't feel that way and the overall pace is very good.

Even though the title implies that your boyfriend is a tsundere, I don't think it is that obvious. In the beginning he is a bit tsun, and towards the end more dere (I guess they intended it that way) but to what extend he really is a tsundere, I'm not sure. But maybe that is also because the things that he feels embarrassed about are things I'd be embarrassed about myself as well. Maybe someone who is more of an tsundere expert can enlighten me about this.

There were two tracks that made me laugh. The first one is the 'bathing track'. Besides the fact that he is obviously embarrassed to get undressed in front of you. Something is going 'pyon'. I have no idea what but my imagination got the better of me. And the bedtime track. That one sentence... hahahaha (>///<). Although all I thought is "you'd better be gentle indeed".

I have only one minor issue with this CD, and that is that I don't think the cover and Takahashi-san his voice match. Don't get me wrong, he is a really sweet boyfriend and I like his voice, but I don't think it matches the character on the cover.

This is a mostly sweet CD, only towards the end it gets a bit more... eroi. To what extend it really is tsundere I'm not sure, but it was nice to listen to. I hope they'll make more vacation trip CDs like this.

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  1. Boyfriend character looks like a cross between Hetalia Japan and Starry Sky Azusa.