Tales of Symphonia: A Long Time Ago Vol.2

テイルズ オブ シンフォニア - A long time ago 第2巻

Company: Frontierworks
Based on: Game
Released: 2004.08.25

In total there are 3 volumes for A Long Time Ago, and each CD has two stories that deal with the past of a character. The second CD has stories for Raine + Genis and Presea Combatir. The stories are told as flashbacks, so while the drama CD's are chronologically after the game, the stories themselves are from before the game starts. Am I still making sense?

This time I'll start with the one sentence summary:

This CD tells the story from Raine and Genis their travels before Iselia, and how Presea got her exsphere.

Like the first CD the prologue has nothing to do with the rest, but is a short scene with Lloyd (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) and Collette (CV: Mizuki Nana) instead. Both of them wonder how everyone in Iselia is doing, and talk about going to visit sometime.

For Raine and Genis that first summary isn't entirely true though. Their story is both about their travels before Iselia and their living there. The story starts when Raine (CV: Touma Yumi) and Genis (CV: Orikasa Ai) take shelter from the rain underneath a large tree. Both of them remember that it was always raining whenever they traveled, and start a little reminiscence.

Presea (CV: Kuwashima Houko) is working as a representative of Lezareno Company (Regal his company). While working on destroying the exsphere mines she remembers how she got her own exsphere. We get to hear quite a bit of a Presea that we've never seen before in the games.

This time there is a lot more new background information. (The fact that Lloyd and Dike are living outside of the village because both Lloyd and Dike both hit the mayor during an argument was new to me at least). Both stories are kind of sad, but both stories end with a really positive mindset of the respective characters.

Especially Presea her story was really emotional for me. In the game her backstory is explained, and even then it was already a sad story. But if you actually hear it is even worse. Combined with the beautiful piano music it was enough to make me cry rivers.

The bonustrack still isn't very special though. The three main seiyuu give a short message and that's it. It is cute though.

I liked this one a lot better than the first, mostly because there is quite some new info. Presea has never been one of my favorite characters, but her story is simply beautiful. I.... I don't know anything else to say, I'm sorry (^-^;;)

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