Kareshi x Recipe Menu 2

カレシ×レシピ Menu-2

Company: AT-X
Based on: Cooking?
Released: 2009.05.27
Official Site: http://karecipe.com/

In Kareshi x Recipe your boyfriend teaches you how to cook! ... or at least teaches you two recipes.In this second CD you make Ebi-chili and Annin Tofu.

This time your "boyfriend" (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki) isn't actually your boyfriend though. He is your best friend (but still very much in love with you). His parents own a Chinese restaurant, and you wanted to learn something to cook for your actual boyfriend, so you asked him to teach you something.

You start with going to the supermarket together to buy all the ingredients needed, and then go to his place to cook. First the annin tofu, and then the ebi-chili (fried shrimps in chili sauce). Like with the first CD there finally are two tracks in which you eat the food together, one where you succeeded en one where you failed. This time those tracks differ much more than in the first CD though.

I loved the track where you are making the annin tofu. Apparently you have to mix everything pretty fast, and the track turns into some sort of sport commentary while you are cooking. It made me laugh so much. Other than that I find her personality a little annoying. But hey, the poor dude his crush started dating his best friend after they met at his room. That is just sad.

The actual recipes seem quite tricky. For the annin tofu it is just that you have to mix and cool down everything quite fast, but the ebi-chili featured some ingredients that (according to the CD) were not available in most supermarkets. They said it was ok to not use them, but it just seems tastier with.

An interesting thing is that it is mentioned in this CD that you are supposedly good at making hamburgers, which is what you cooked together with your boyfriend in the first CD. So are they implying that you are still the same person, and that the boyfriend that is mentioned here is actually the one from the first CD?! If so, heaven knows how these two became friends...

The free talk was ok, Yoshino was haing some trouble talking about what he usually cooks because he rarely cooks xD

The CD was kind of fun, but the gyaruo-ish character that Yoshino does kind of annoys me. It is less sweet but more fun than the first CD. The recipes this time round somehow seemed much trickier though. (that, and I don't have a fry-pan, so I can't make it anyway...)

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